Use Creativity and Collaboration to Offer Great Baby Shower Gifts

It seems that with every summer season comes the latest slew of baby showers, and the challenge of coming up with a great gift. This year you don't need to spend a lot of money or time putting together a beautiful present, just use your creativity, and a little collaboration.

To achieve this, the trend experts at American Greetings suggest going together with friends or family members to put together a fun baby shower basket. With no shortage of needs for soon to be moms and dads, there are also no shortage of great themes to choose from.

  • A clean baby is a good baby: Use a laundry basket or baby tub as your base and fill it with everything mom and dad need to clean up their bouncing boy or girl. Be sure to include lotion, baby wipes, Q-Tips, nail file, baby soap and shampoo and soft washcloths… and as is true with any shower gift, diapers are never a bad inclusion.
  • Feeding time: Find a large, attractive serving bowl mom and dad can use for their grown-up dinner parties and load it with everything needed for meal time. Be sure to include bibs, bottles, bottle holders, feeding spoons and, of course, plastic baby dishes and bowls.
  • Just for mom: An unexpected, and sure to be appreciated, gesture for any baby shower is a gift that mom can actually use on herself. Give mom the gift of relaxation by filling a fashionable wicker basket, which she can later use as decoration, with various pampering items. Be sure to include bath salts, candles, favorite CDs or books, comfortable slippers and robe and even a small journal. You can even go all out and include a gift certificate for a manicure or spa treatment, and, of course, complimentary babysitting service.
  • Parental library: Purchase a small bookshelf and line it with parenting books and magazines to keep mom and dad on the same page. Want to add even more thoughtfulness to your gift? Include a subscription to a favorite parenting magazine so they can continue to add to their library.
  • The gift of memories: No mom or dad can ever get enough pictures of their kids. To ensure that they never have any shortage of fun photos, find a nice chest that can be kept in an attic or closet, and pack it with everything they'll need to capture those first memories. Some ideas include, a photobook, gift cards for photo developing, an online package to upload photos, nice picture frames and, if you are looking to make a grand gesture, even a digital camera.
  • Roll in the fun: A wagon is a great gift (and only requires a big bow). Place a large stuffed animal in the passenger seat, and maybe a sun hat or blanket for the chillier days, and mom and dad now have the perfect vehicle for the toddler years for those trips to the zoo or family walks in the neighborhood.

No matter what you decide to give, any mom and dad to be will appreciate that you put such thought into the gift. And if all else fails, we have three words for you: diapers, diapers and diapers.