Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

10092014 halloween party ideas FB AG Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Few things bring out the kid in us like Halloween. It’s the one day in the year you can totally transform yourself into someone (or something!) entirely different and go to town being zany, scary, or just over-the-top creative. Oh, and let’s not forget the added bonus of sugary showers of candy! But when celebrating with the kids or grandkids, finding a Halloween party idea that’s appropriate for kids of varyious ages can feel more like a trick than a treat.

If you’re still looking to find the greatest Halloween party ideas for kids, no worries–we’ve got you covered! Our American Greetings Halloween experts have conjured up a few simply spooktacular party ideas that will put you well on your way to hosting your own kid-friendly ghoulish ghostfest in no time.

Host a pumpkin-decorating contest with a twist:

No need to pull out sharp tools around the little spooks. Use paint or decorative tape to make funny or scary faces, or cover them in glitter for enchanting gourds that rival a mirrorball. Not only will they look great, but they’ll last way longer than their carved counterparts. Hand out awards of candy or fun Halloween decorations they can keep and use year after year. Check out our best no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas here!

Have an autumn harvest party that’s nothing but fun:

If even Casper still sets little ones on edge, a harvest party is the perfect way to have a howling good time sans horror. Enchanting games like bobbing for apples, pin the nose on the pumpkin, and guessing the number of candy corns in a jar are all fun and easy for the younger crowd.

Be the coolest neighbor on the block and throw a trick-or-treat after party!

After candy collecting, kids love inspecting their sugary-laden lot. Invite the neighborhood kids and their parents to come over for snacks and apple cider
and let the kids sort through their sugary stash while they make trades for the perfect assortment of treats.

Get outdoors for Halloween fun!

Some of the best activities can be found in the fall that the whole family can enjoy. Get lost in a corn maze and have a contest to see who can get through the fastest, go on a hayride, or participate in a ghost walk. Got leaves? Rake several piles in the yard with a prize at the bottom of one of them, and get your camera ready to capture the wild, leaf-flying rumpus. You just might capture your perfect shot for that Thanksgiving card in the process.

Haunted houses are the perfect love/hate affair for adults and older kids…

Even though we know it’s not real, we still jump out of our skins every time while we enjoy the bizarre thrill of being scared out of our wits–that’s a freaky concept all on its own.

No matter what activity you choose, the time spent together is magic in the making and will be remembered by your kids for years to come.

Happy Haunting!

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