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It’s not just the things that we say, but the things we do in the name of love that define its meaning. And luckily, Valentine’s Day offers us the perfect opportunity to do so—it’s the one day a year that reminds us to do all of the thoughtful and romantic things we should do every day.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and affection, but oftentimes we find that just one day is not enough to truly show the depth of our feelings. In order to keep those feelings of love and appreciation lasting the entire month of February, here are some tips to help you express your love.

To download our FREE, printable calendar with 14 days of fun romantic activities, click here!

No printer? No problem! Here are 14 ideas for ways to show your love as we head into Valentine’s Day:

  1. Cook their favorite restaurant meal: Try cooking your loved one’s favorite meal from a restaurant.
  2. Lipstick Kisses: Leave a lipstick kiss on the mirror, kitchen window, or any other any frequent traffic area where your love will see it and smile.
  3. Lunchbox or work bag note: Sneak a sweet note into their lunch or briefcase so that they will smile and think of you when they find it.
  4. Start a wish jar: Take a jar and write down all of the things you both have said you would like to do – seeing a play, having a picnic, or learning to play chess. From time to time, pull an item from the jar and enjoy the activity together.
  5. #TBT First date recreation: Throw it back to your first date, and share a special evening at the restaurant you had your first date.
  6. Double date: Schedule a double date with friends you don’t see often.
  7. Breakfast in bed: Make and bring them breakfast in bed.
  8. Romantic Movie Marathon: Watch some old romantic movies together.
  9. Fancy dessert night: Show special care by making fancy dessert that you’ve never attempted before.
  10. Surprise mid-day ecard: Send a flirty Valentine e-card during the day to offer an unexpected smile.
  11. Romantic Pizza date: Order pizza in, but light candles to add a special element of romance.
  12. #TBT Look through old photos: Watch your wedding video or look through photo albums together.
  13. Balloon surprise: set up red, pink, and white balloons in the living room overnight so when your loved ones start their day, they’re greeted with a loving surprise.
  14. Share your love: Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. The easiest way to share your love year-round, is to tell someone that you love them every single day.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Share your great, creative ideas in the comments!

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