New hobbies (to do with friends!)

New Hobbies to Do With Friends

If you search for the most popular hobbies today, you would learn that our society considers pretty much anything a hobby. In fact, we came across one list that included napping and watching TV! Not that there is anything wrong with either activity (who doesn’t love a nap?) but we were aiming for something…a little more creative to help us get through these last few weeks of winter.

However, the more we thought about it, the more we realized that most of the simple things everyone enjoys can also be opportunities for us to not only learn something new, but to spend quality time with our family and friends who may be suffering from a similar bout of cabin fever!

So, with that optimistic spring-forward view in mind, we compiled a few suggestions to transform leisurely activities into useful hobbies.

  • Start a book club: By forming a club based on your love of reading you not only gain more ideas to help you as you peruse bookstore aisles and library shelves, but you also get some much needed quality time and thoughtful conversation. To personalize your group, focus on topics, titles or authors that you have always wanted to read. If you really want to challenge yourself, come up with a goal of how many books you would like to complete by year’s end, and keep a running tab of how you are doing.
  • Get in the game: Video games have evolved from being the bane of parent’s existence to a great pastime for anyone in the family! Now, with the wide variety of games (including singing and dancing competitions) that get you up and going, you can add a little activity into every day without leaving your living room. Multi-task by spending some time with loved ones while burning off a little energy in the process. Set up a regular game night or begin a tournament to get your competitive juices flowing.
  • Create a whole new playlist: Musical tastes ebb and flow like few other forms of entertainment, but few hobbies are as universally appreciated. This year, embrace your love of music and expand your horizons by trying out new genres and performers. Research older artists that may fit your particular tastes or seek out new acts that friends enjoy. Whether adding to your playlist for the treadmill or taking in some fun concerts, the practice will certainly help you gain some appreciation for the medium.
  • Start a culinary quest: Checking out the latest restaurant, or simply enjoying a quiet dinner out, can be a challenge. Budgeting time and finances often leads to ordering in or making a quick meal instead of an outing. This year, spice things up by creating a small dinner club or schedule “dinner dates” with other couples every month. Enjoying a good meal and a quiet night can be the perfect anecdote to a long week, and making it a monthly practice will help ensure that your newest hobby is affordable while giving you something to look forward to.
  • Lights, camera, hobby: Few activities have been made more convenient over the past few years than enjoying a movie. You can make a night out of it by hitting the local movie-theater, rent a DVD or set up the ultimate Netflix queue. So, whether you are looking to host your own film festive live from your living room or revel in all of the subtleties that make a movie theater so charming, coordinate a regular movie night with friends and family.

By integrating entertainment into your life in a way that not only helps you to learn but also connect more with those close to you, you are sure to grow and have a lot of fun in the process. No matter what piques your interest, challenge yourself and be sure to include others to enhance your appreciation!

Do you have a new favorite hobby? We’d love to hear it in the comments!


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