How to wrap a wedding gift (in style!)

How to Wrap a Wedding Gift

They say love is in the details, and certainly no life event is more detail oriented than a wedding. So how is it possible that, after carefully selecting the perfect wedding gift, to create a personalized gift presentation that will surely be noticed?

Enter the American Greetings gift wrap experts, whose knowledge of gift presentation details goes far beyond the traditional paper wrap and bow. They’ve agreed to share some of their favorite ways to present a gift in a beautiful way that befits the elegance of the occasion.

Here are their fun suggestions on how to wrap a wedding gift:

  • Take a hint from the invitation and wrap your present in the wedding theme. The gift table is usually in a prominent place in the reception, so matching the style and colors will definitely be noticed.
  • Use a special keepsake for the nametag. Personalized ornaments, a set of his/her luggage tags, and photo key chains all make memorable accents.
  • Adding a few natural items helps to add some personal flair and reflect the spirit of the season. Slip in a few spring or summer flowers, fall leaves, or glittering decorative snowflakes to gift bags or under ribbons. These items can really add pop to gift envelopes as well!
  • If you’re feeling particularly crafty, wrap your gift in two layers of contrasting wrapping papers. Use an X-ACTO knife to cut out a fun pattern in the upper layer of paper so that the lower layer shows through.
  • Embellish your gift wrap by stamping a design on solid-colored paper or stencil on their new monogram.
  • Layer ribbons of various widths for a customized, personalized look.
  • Present the gift in a beautiful keepsake gift box that they can reuse to save wedding mementoes and photos.
  • Think of themed gifts. Towels in a display box, wine glasses in a tablecloth, picnic supplies in a basket, stationery in a mailbox, coordinating photo albums and frames, and even a scrapbook starter set are all fabulous ways to make the memories of their special event live on for years to come!

Wrapping paper storage ideas

Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas - American Greetings Blog

Whether you are a gift wrapping novice or expert, everyone can agree that storing wrapping paper can be a tedious task. Bows, ribbon, paper scraps…  you want to put every odd and end to good use, but nothing seems to stay in one place!

We’ve searched high and low and pulled together some clever wrapping paper storage ideas that will have everything organized in no time!

1. Wrapping Paper Organizer Tutorial by 2 Little Hooligans

Wrapping Paper Organizer Tutorial by 2 Little Hooligans

2. Craft Closet by Real Simple

Craft Closet by Real Simple

3. Gift Wrap Organizer by In My Own Style

Gift Wrap Organizer by In My Own Style

4. Gift Wrapping Area by Country Living

Gift Wrapping Area by Country Living

5. Tissue Paper Organizing Rack by The Old Park Homestead

Tissue Paper Organizing Rack by The Old Park Homestead

6. Creative Storage for Holiday Gear by Better Homes and Gardens

Creative Storage for Holiday Gear by Better Homes and Gardens

7. Toilet Paper Tube as Wrapping Paper Holder by Real Simple

Toilet Paper Tube as Wrapping Paper Holder by Real Simple

8. Wrapping Paper on Curtain Clips by The Soulful House

Wrapping Paper on Curtain Clips by The Soulful House

What’s your best wrapping paper storage tip? We’d love to hear it in the comments!


Valentine’s Day gift wrap ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Wrap Ideas

You’ve shopped thoughtfully for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but then comes the time to give it to your friend or loved one. But first, why not give it an extra special touch with a pretty presentation they’ll never forget?

We scoured Pinterest and pulled together some of our super fun, super crafty Valentine’s Day gift wrap ideas that we just had to share with you:

1. Confetti Bomb by Oh Joy!

Oh Joy Good Housekeeping - confetti dots

2. Pennants on white wrapping paper by Annixen

annixen washi tape and twine pennants

3. Pinks, Kraft Paper and A Hint of Blue by A Creative Mint

a creative mint - craft paper and heart

4. Rolled Paper Roses Tutorial by Creations by Kara

Creations by Kara - King of Hearts

5. Heart cut-out gift wrapping by The House that Lars Built

the house that lars built - heart cut outs

Happy wrapping!


Awesome embellishments for brown wrapping paper

Awesome Embellishments for brown wrapping paper

Looking for a fun way to wrap a gift? Look no further than the craft paper trend that’s been sweeping Pinterest! It’s equal parts stylish and nostalgic, conjuring memories of carefully covering text books in school and then embellishing them with stickers and other personalized touches.

Want to recreate this brown wrapping paper look at home? It’s easy with just a few simple embellishments! Here are some of our favorites ideas from some great blogs:

1. Cookie Cutter Wrapping Paper by Sheila at Craft by Photo

Brown Wrapping Paper with Cookie Cutter StampsTake letter-shaped cookie cutters and paint and you can create a personalized message for any occasion!

2. Festive Party Flags by Shari’s Berries

DIY-Flags-011Scrapbook pennants attached to twine? Yes, please!

3. Simple Wrapping Paper with Herbs and Paper Doilies by Blue, Purple and Scarlett

Brown wrapping paper with herbs and paper doilies by Blue Purple and Scarlett

A scented sachet filled with herbs adds a rustic, country feel.

4.Polka Dot Wrapping Paper by The House that Lars Built

Polka Dot Wrapping Paper by The House that Lars BuiltUsing a pencil and white paint, add polka dots to any brown wrapping paper!

5. Birthday Candles by Nooha (Netherlands)

Birthday Candles on brown gift wrapping paper by NoohaThis blog may be written in Dutch, but attaching actual birthday candles to a gift has universal appeal!

6. DIY Mini Tissue Paper Pom Poms by Lia Griffith

DIY Mini Tissue Paper Pom Poms by Lia Griffith

This is such a neat twist on the hanging tissue paper pom pom trend–a mini version, perfect for topping a petite gift!

7. Confetti Gift Wrap Stripes by 3@12

Confetti gift wrap stripes on brown wrapping paper by 3@12

This look combines three popular trends–brown wrapping paper, confetti and stripes! The look is made relatively mess-free by using double-sided tape to attach the confetti instead of glue!

8. Rubber Band Gift Wrap – Babble

Rubber Band Gift Wrap

Need to dress up an office birthday gift in a hurry? Look no further than your desk drawer by wrapping it in colorful rubber bands!

What’s your best tip for gift wrap? We’d love to hear it in the comments!


Awesome Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas


Birthday Gift Wrapping IdeasWhen it comes to gift presentation, everyone wants to stand out with super creative, but super easy gift wrapping ideas. Blogs and Pinterest are filled with great ways to punch up a simple bag or plain paper with everything from washi tape and glitter to office supplies and ribbon details. It’s said that pretty package actually enhances the perceived value of a gift, but we tend to believe that it also shows the birthday guy or girl that you took the extra time to show that you care and wanted to give them something perfectly personalized.

We perused tons of beautiful, creative embellishments and pulled together some of our favorites that are equal parts easy and adorable.

Here they are! The coolest birthday gift wrapping ideas from across the web!

1. Easy Rainbow Ribbon Gift Wrap Tutorial by Tikkido

2. DIY Washi Tape Wrapping Paper on Poppytalk (Guest DIY by Marisa of Omiyage)

3. Small Gift Bags by Craft and Creativity

4. Woven Paper Gift Topper by

5. A Rainbow of Color by The Twinery

6. Brown Paper Packages by Homemade Ginger

7. Tissue Paper Flower by 33 Shades of Green

8. Gift Wrap Ideas: DIY Confetti Bags by Mod Podge Rocks

What’s your best gift wrap tip to make your present really stand out? We’d love to hear in the comments! Also, check out our Gift Wrap Ideas Pinterest board!


Wrapping Up the Holiday in Style…


Sometimes you don’t have to look farther than your own backyard to enjoy the wonders of the season. The Christmas tree displayed this year at American Greetings came from our own property. The spruce was blown over during Hurricane Sandy, and was brought inside and lovingly decorated by a talented group of AG folks and interns from Kent State University.

As for the gifts under the tree, just like icing on a cake, the wrapping is that final touch to a perfect gift. And it truly is another way to show just how much love and thought has gone into the gift. Here are some tips to jazz up that paper and wrap up your holiday gift giving in style:


Gift Wrap Ideas:

12182012_main_imageMany people like to color theme their gifts.  Select a few different coordinating papers and mix and match the ribbons to tie it all together for a bold statement.

Get creative with your accents. Who said a bow just has to be a bow? You can include coordinating plastic or glass ornaments, pine cones, or even glittered snowflakes that you find at your local craft or dollar store to add something unexpected to the gift.

12182012_giftsThere are so many ribbons out there to choose from—why stick to just one? Sometimes a beautifully-textured or fabric bow can turn ordinary paper into something extraordinary and classic.

Coordinate your greeting card with your gift wrap–and leave it outside the envelope to serve a dual purpose as the gift tag!

christmas gift tags

Photo by: Martha Stewart [recycled Christmas card crafts]

Recycle last year’s greeting cards and turn them into gift tags. We cite one of our favorite experts for this tip and she suggests gluing card designs to store-bought tags or cutting out the design and punching a hole for the ribbon.

christmas monogrammed gift tags

Photo by: Martha Stewart [recycled Christmas card crafts]

Creating monogrammed gift tags from last year’s greeting cards is a great way to get the kids involved. Trace an initial on the back of the card and let the kids cut out the letter and punch a hole for the ribbon or tape to the gift.

homemade gift wrap

Photo by: Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion

Use a brown paper bag to wrap the gift and use a marker to write words or a special message, or even paint a design. Try making bows out of the bag too!

newspaper christmas gift wrap

Photo by: Country Living [creative gift wrap ideas]

Some people like to use the comic section, and that’s great, but you can really spruce up newspaper giftwrap by using international papers and then finish with a coordinating bow. Save this idea for the world traveler on your list!

If that special person puts a song in your heart, why not wrap their gift in music? Sheet music to be exact! You can easily download it and print it out to wrap around your gift—and don’t forget the bow!

There really are so many creative ways to put the finishing touch on the perfect gift.  Do you have any ideas you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

Happy wrapping this week!

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