How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

01072013 motivation How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made with the best of intentions, but as most of us know, that can-do attitude can falter early. Here are some helpful hints on how to stay focused when trying to keep these popular resolutions:

Spend More Quality Time with Family and Friends

Some simple ways to help you get a bit more “you” back into your relationships can include:

  • Be thoughtful – Remember special days like birthdays and anniversaries or just get better at “sayin’ hi” with an ecard, paper card or handwritten note. Try setting up a desktop calendar to help you remember these days and even preschedule your ecards up to a year in advance.
  • Tone trumps text – Yes, texting is easier and does serve its purpose, but hearing the tone of someone’s voice is always more personal. You may even want to set up a specific time and call it a “phone date”, so that you can talk and not be interrupted.
  • Make a date – Use an online reminder service to schedule a date with your friends once a month—a regular “girls night out” or “meet-up anywhere” strategy keeps bonds strong.

Lose Weight

Resolving to lose weight is an important, but difficult goal for many. Stay on track and motivated by incorporating these tips into your routine:

  • Set realistic goals – the key here is to start slow and make a plan.  You didn’t gain the unwanted weight in a day or a week, so don’t expect to lose it that quickly. Make a specific plan vs. just saying “I want to lose weight.” For example, you may want to lose 5 pounds by the end of January.
  • Say cheese – Take a photo of yourself in the beginning and then repeat every 4 weeks. That way it’s not all about the scale, but about how you actually look!
  • Keep a food journal – Writing down your eating habits allows you to see where there’s room for improvement and where you’re succeeding. It is your proof of effort.
  • Pantry overhaul – Post holidays is the perfect time to clean out the “junk food” hiding in your cupboards and fridge. Replace it with fresh veggies and fruits and ditch the soda for low-sugar fruit juices and water.

Get Fit

So, whether this resolution is in conjunction with losing weight or just about exercising more, here are a few more helpful hints:

  • Move! – Increasing your activity level will burn more calories and boost your energy. Consult your doctor or a trainer to determine the best routine for you.  A mix of stretching, cardio and strength training will deliver good results. And, remember if you can’t get to a gym, simple things like taking short walks or using the stairs more will help move your body towards your goal.
  • Set a goal – This is just like losing weight.  Don’t just say “I need to exercise more”, but set a goal like signing up to run a 5K race in the spring!
  •  Lean on your friends – If you have a buddy or neighbor with the same goals, use them as a support system. Having someone to exercise with will help keep you on track and honest in actually getting the physical work done.

It has been said that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. What are your resolutions for 2013 and how do you plan to accomplish them?

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A Year in Review

12312012 nye A Year in Review

Can you believe 2012 is over already? And what a year it was…

In Entertainment: The undead and other fans rushed out to see the final episode of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, while singer Carly Rae Jepsen immortalized herself with her oft-parodied “Call Me Maybe” song. Apple ensured that phone calls could be cutting edge again with the release of the iPhone 5. And, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to many notable celebrities including:  Whitney Houston, Robin Gibb, Andy Griffiths, Michael Clarke Duncan and “For Now, Dick Clark, So Long!”  

In Politics: The presidential election battle between Obama and Romney was certainly top-of-mind this year with much of the drama—as well as the comedy— played out on TV. Remote control “mute” buttons across the country saw a lot of action during all those annoying TV ads!

In Science:   The Mars rover, aptly named Curiosity, landed for a two-year stint on the red planet to answer questions about life there.  Meanwhile even bigger mysteries about the universe saw some light when the physics elite revealed the discovery of the Higgs boson. This subatomic particle (aka the God Particle) might just hold the answer to all life—right down to those little green men on Mars!

In Sports:  The Giants won their second World Series in three years (incredible, right?), and in football, the NFL referee strike was fortunately short lived.  Although the sub refs brought enthusiasm to their duties, well, they didn’t bring much else!  But the sports highlight was the London Olympic Games, which saw Michael Phelps with a record-setting medal count, and the “Fierce Five” vaulting Women’s Gymnastics to new heights.

In Weather: There was extensive drought throughout much of the country, wildfires in the west and, of course,  flooding and power outages from Superstorm Sandy in the east. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that the first eight months of 2012 were the most extreme weather events ever recorded. It looks like weathering the storms could be more the norm than the exception.

And last but not least, we are happy to report that one predicted event—the end of the world—did not occur. While many thought the Mayan calendar foretold our demise on December 21st, we are now looking forward to celebrating the arrival of 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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A Happy & Healthy New Year!

010712 healthy A Happy & Healthy New Year!

So, we’ve all heard the New Year resolution to get into better shape, but what if we changed it up a bit and stop putting so much pressure on ourselves… This year, try a new kind of work out that you’ve never done before, and better yet, bring someone along! Try yoga with a friend, spinning with your hunny, Tai Chi with a neighbor – even spend some quality time with your pets and take the dog for a daily walk. Whatever it is, take a chance – maybe try something new and different every week – the possibilities are endless…

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