Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

People go all-out on Halloween with awesomely creative costumes, and we’re not just talking about the costumes they create for themselves, but for their pets! If you have a fur baby at home (or a feather or scaly baby), then you probably align with the many thousands that like to get their pets in on the Halloween act, too.

If you’re trying to come up with that just-right costume for your pet, we’ve collected a few of our faves that will help you make your best buddy the hit of Halloween.

1. Chef Cat via HGTV

Pet Halloween Costume - Cat Chef2. “Up Pup” from BRIT + CO

Pet Halloween Costumes - Up Pup 3. Pup Latte via Coolest Homemade Costumes

Pet Halloween Costumes - Pup Latte4. Sven and Anna from Frozen from Frozen via Horse Crazy Girls

Pet Halloween Costumes - Anna and Sven from Frozen5. Bat Cat via

original_Sam-Henderson-cat-Halloween-costume-bat-wings-beauty-horiz2.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462 6. Supertoad from Fancihorse via Etsy


  1. Harry Potter Pup via All Free Holiday Crafts


  1. Guinea Pig Baked Potato via Buzzfeedenhanced-buzz-8098-1351113980-6 9. Flying Saucer Turtle via Neatorama


Do you dress your beloved furbaby up for Halloween? If so, we’d love to see pics! Share in the comments or on our Facebook page!



Let’s Celebrate Our Pets!

Bring your pet to work day at American Greetings!

Earlier this summer, American Greetings celebrated  “take your dog to work day.” It’s always an interesting and fun day!

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” –Collete

This popular pet quote says it all! Pets are such an important part of our lives, and for some very good reasons.

Did you know that having a pet makes you healthier and happier? For example, petting your cat can lower your blood pressure, and taking your dog for a run or brisk walk is a great way to get exercise. Dog parks are not only fun for canines, but they’re a terrific place for humans to meet new people, too. And, while fish don’t have four feet, they are very soothing to watch, especially after a stressful day.

Bring your pet to work day at American Greetings!

Let your favorite animal companion know how much they mean by throwing a pet party to celebrate their birthday or adoption day. Dogs will especially love the chance to socialize, but be sure to invite their owners also, to keep things from getting too “ruff.” Serve homemade pet treats to your furry friends, and have each pet make a paw print keepsake to take home— something your human friends will really treasure. While cats and other creatures may not be as sociable, you can still have a private party with all the same fixings and just as much fun.

Another great way to celebrate our pets and spread those paws-itive vibes is by sending all your pet-loving friends an animal ecard from our new Pets Collection. Say Happy Birthday, Thank You, In Sympathy and more. You’re sure to get some tails wagging!

If you don’t have a pet of your own, you can still find the purr-fect pastime. Consider volunteering at an animal shelter, playing with critters at a pet store, or feeding the squirrels and birds in your own backyard. You’ll get a taste of the benefits of pet ownership, and make some deserving animals very happy, too!


Uggie the Wonder Dog!

Uggie the Wonder Dog

Whether you’ve seen “The Artist,” or just tuned in for the red carpet at the Golden Globes, chances are you’ve seen the lovable and furry phenom, Uggie. With award season in full swing, Uggie is making press rounds and impressing A-list actors and stealing the hearts of millions of people around the country.

Well, this adorable little dog has had a special place at American Greetings since 2009, when he starred in his first ecards Awwwsome Valentine’s Day and Birthday Kisses. Since then, Uggie has starred in many other ecards, including a Christmas ecard and a Woofy Birthday ecard. It’s pretty easy to see why he’s a fan favorite… Uggie’s owner and trainer, Omar Von Muller is a familiar face at American Greetings, as he owns and trains several other dogs that have starred in a variety of ecards.

Uggie has recently found a sidekick in a younger pup named Dash. Omar also owns and works with Dash, and he uses both dogs interchangeably on set – it’s safe to say that Uggie is showing him the ropes of show business and they are quite the dynamic duo!

Check out Uggie & Dash on YouTube

We are all super proud of wonder dog Uggie and Dash, and hope they bask in their fame for years to come!  Check out our newest Valentine’s Day ecard starring Uggie and Dash!


PS from the editor

From the editor: Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a deep breath. Life can be crazy-busy – from work to family life and everything that happens in between, it can be easy to forget the little things, and I love the little things – hearing my favorite song on the radio, the way my two adorable pugs greet me when I get home, looking through old pictures, writing in my journal … Life is hectic and busy and fast, so it’s easy to get stressed, but sometimes you just have to say it’s going to be OK and  P.S. – don’t forget to breathe! = )