Our favorite romantic movies

Our Favorite Romantic Movies

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with dinner and a movie? But this year, give a twist to this old standby date by mixing it up a bit. Choose an exciting new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try instead, or plan a fun picnic (complete with candles, if you like) in your own living room. Then carefully select just the right film—one that best suits your relationship—to perfectly round out the evening.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a mischievous imp, our diehard, movie-loving Valentine’s Day crew want to help by offering up a few suggestions. And if you’ve got any other favorite movies to add to our list, please let us know in the comments below!

  • Traditional: Perfect for the romantic at heart in your life, these films capture the essence of everlasting love.
    • Casablanca, Say Anything, Hope Floats, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Titanic, When Harry Met Sally…, Ever After
  • Guaranteed Laughs: Equal parts flirty and fun, a good romantic comedy offers a lighthearted way to celebrate love in any stage, whether you’ve just started dating or been together for decades.
    • You’ve Got Mail, Pretty in Pink, Valentine’s Day, Never Been Kissed, Sweet Home Alabama
  • Going to the Chapel: Getting married soon? There are a ton of fabulous movies about this special time in your life that are filled with twists, turns, and best of all–weddings!
    • The Wedding Planner, 27 Dresses, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Confetti, The Wedding Singer, Bridesmaids, Our Family Wedding, The Wedding Date
  • We’re Not Weird, We’re Quirky: If you describe your movie-going tastes (or your sense of humor) as a little off the beaten path, try one of these fun flicks.
    • Harold and Maude, Punch-Drunk Love, Annie Hall, Away We Go, If Lucy Fell, Moonstruck
  • Young at Heart: Looking for something sweet to watch with the kiddos? These family-friendly favorites are sure to warm everyone’s heart.
    • WALL-E, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White

What’s your favorite romantic movie?


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

It’s the most romantic night of the year—and also the one date you want to be perfect. Whether you’ve been together for four weeks or forever, Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate what makes your relationship so wonderful and unique. However… trying to plan a great Valentine’s Day date that will not only be fun and romantic, but also memorable, too, can be quite a challenge.

No more worries. This year, we asked some of our creative, romantic geniuses to help steer you in the right direction. Here are some of their fun Valentine’s Day date ideas, catered to each stage of a relationship:

  • If you’ve just met (or have just started dating), set up a cozy double date. Get to know each other’s friends a little better and see that other person in a more relaxed environment.
  • If you’re crazy about each other and your relationship is growing, plan simple “mini dates” leading up to a nice romantic night out on the 14th, which falls on a Saturday this year. Ideas include:
    • Wednesday – Take an evening stroll.
    • Thursday – Play your favorite board or video game together.
    • Friday – Watch a favorite movie.
    • Valentine’s Day Eve – Lovely dinner out at a new restaurant!
  • If you and that special someone have committed to each another, hop in your car and visit a nearby city you’ve both been wanting to explore.
  • If you’ve been together for as long as you can remember, recreate your first date. The nostalgia will have you reminiscing about that special night, plus all the other fond memories you’ve made along the way, too.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? What made it so special? Tell us about it in the comments!


Valentine Gifts for Him


Valentine’s Day is almost here, but are you still wondering what to get the men in your life? Well, whether it’s your true love, your best bud, or that guy you’ve had your eye on, we’ve got some great ideas:

Heartfelt:  Of course he knows you love him, but reminding him is important, too.

  • Romantic Hidden Messages: Stay close to his heart by putting a little love note in his collar or tie. Or, you can fill your bedroom (his car or office will work, too) with red balloons, but first write little messages about what you love about him, or favorite memories and put them inside each of the balloons.
  • Coupon Books: Get even more intimate with a coupon book filled with love — you can buy one or make it on your own. Just use your imagination.

Flirty: Some gifts are perfect, whether you’ve been together a long time or are in that “what if?” stage.

  • Custom Bouquets: And, no it’s not about the flowers.  There are liquor and cigar bouquets, and even roses made out of rolled bacon–yep,what guy doesn’t love bacon!  This idea also works for male friends and relatives, too– try turning their favorite tools—from brushes to screwdrivers—into a manly arrangement.
  • Homemade Fortune Cookies: It’s a tasty way to customize your wishes–make them innocent, inspiring, or downright risqué.

Fun, Fun, Fun: These ideas can be tailor-made for all the great guys in your life and are sure to create lots of happiness, laughter and love!

  •  Lottery Cards:  Whether the receiver is your dad or your husband, he’ll have fun reading the personalized prizes beneath the silver scratch-offs.
  • Singing TelegramThink outside the box and surprise him with a personalized song or poem performed by any number of star attractions such as cupid, the goddess of love or perhaps, a pink gorilla.

Finally, don’t forget to include a card. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about love—all types—so let those great guys know just how you feel about them!