How to wrap a wedding gift (in style!)

How to Wrap a Wedding Gift

They say love is in the details, and certainly no life event is more detail oriented than a wedding. So how is it possible that, after carefully selecting the perfect wedding gift, to create a personalized gift presentation that will surely be noticed?

Enter the American Greetings gift wrap experts, whose knowledge of gift presentation details goes far beyond the traditional paper wrap and bow. They’ve agreed to share some of their favorite ways to present a gift in a beautiful way that befits the elegance of the occasion.

Here are their fun suggestions on how to wrap a wedding gift:

  • Take a hint from the invitation and wrap your present in the wedding theme. The gift table is usually in a prominent place in the reception, so matching the style and colors will definitely be noticed.
  • Use a special keepsake for the nametag. Personalized ornaments, a set of his/her luggage tags, and photo key chains all make memorable accents.
  • Adding a few natural items helps to add some personal flair and reflect the spirit of the season. Slip in a few spring or summer flowers, fall leaves, or glittering decorative snowflakes to gift bags or under ribbons. These items can really add pop to gift envelopes as well!
  • If you’re feeling particularly crafty, wrap your gift in two layers of contrasting wrapping papers. Use an X-ACTO knife to cut out a fun pattern in the upper layer of paper so that the lower layer shows through.
  • Embellish your gift wrap by stamping a design on solid-colored paper or stencil on their new monogram.
  • Layer ribbons of various widths for a customized, personalized look.
  • Present the gift in a beautiful keepsake gift box that they can reuse to save wedding mementoes and photos.
  • Think of themed gifts. Towels in a display box, wine glasses in a tablecloth, picnic supplies in a basket, stationery in a mailbox, coordinating photo albums and frames, and even a scrapbook starter set are all fabulous ways to make the memories of their special event live on for years to come!

Spring Wedding Trends


Spring Wedding Trends from

Ah…the merry month of May!  With its pastel palette, natural beauty and warmer temperatures, there’s no wonder why May is one of the most popular months for weddings.  And every couple captures its essence in their own romantic way.  From camping themes to floral garland, some spring choices are more unique than others.  But it’s always interesting to track the popular trends.

Elaborate Invitations from

Elaborate Invitations

With 3D creations and intricate laser cuts, the tone for the wedding is now being set from the minute the guests open the envelope.  And that tone, according to Bridal Guide, is “a move toward sophisticated.”  Think glamour, gardens…and Gatsby!

Lush Flowers from

Lush Flowers

For the second year running, the soft, romantic, peony is the most requested wedding flower.  With the bloom available for only two months, May is the perfect time to pick a peony bouquet.

Wedding Dresses from StayInspired365.comA Different Dress

Traditional all-white gowns will always be in style, but many are now being splashed with color.  Blue lining underneath, pink lace across the back, or a vibrant shoe are just a few of the latest runway looks—along with pastel dresses.  Don’t be surprised if you see the bride “all dressed in mint” since that seems to be this year’s go-to hue.

Creative CakesCreative Cakes from

Color is popping up on cakes as well.  Bright bows, bold monograms and hand-painted designs are making edible works-of-art worthy of their own photo shoot.  On the other end of the sweet spectrum, Fake Cakes have become a popular budget choice for photos.  The couple still gets their cake-side shot, while a sheet cake is waiting to be served.  Not a bad way to save money for a tropical island trip…which is still the top honeymoon destination, no matter what time of year.


Fall Wedding Wishes

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are just starting to change, which means Fall is about to make her grand entrance. The first day of Fall came last weekend on Saturday, September 22, and if you happened to be out celebrating a wedding that day, chances are it’s probably not the last wedding weekend of the season. Fall is quickly becoming the favorite time of year to say ” I do,” and it’s easy to see why. From rich and vibrant colors, to comfortable weather, the Autumn season brings with it endless opportunities for brides and wedding planners. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Fall wedding trends we’ve seen recently…


– Peach and Blush tone wedding dresses. According to wedding expert Colin Cowie, “From naughty nudes to a deep, ripe shade of peach these new hues will warm up any skin tone and transform you into the ultimate blushing bride.”


– Texture, Texture, Texture – According to The Knot, the hottest trend in fall wedding flowers is lush, richly hued arrangements with lots of interesting texture. Instead of using just two or three types of blooms in your centerpieces, try a wide mix of flowers coordinated with your color scheme. Think berries, pods, and ferns.


Vintage and Rustic continue to take the cake! According to the fun wedding blog Delightfully Engaged, the eclectic style will be taken up a notch this Fall. DIY projects continue to be the perfect way to add  individualization and originality to any couple’s special day.