Pick the Perfect Birthday Gift

Pick the Perfect Birthday Gift

If you’re like most people, giving someone a birthday present feels great, doesn’t it? Even though it’s said that it’s the thought that counts, we’d like to offer some tips to make sure the thought—and the gift—are really special.

Kids: Kids’ tastes and interests can change quickly, so if you’re buying for a child, don’t hesitate to ask the parent what the child likes, and then get creative! Are they into books, science, trains, dolls? Check out some unique learning sites as well as independent toy stores to find engaging surprises.

Teens: For those hard-to-shop-for teens, create a “this-and-that” basket filled with a variety of smaller fun items they’ll enjoy. Consider nail polishes, ear buds, mints, cool pens, and gift cards. These are things they always need–and always run out of—so they’re sure to appreciate this.

Adults: There are lots of gift-giving options for adults—even the ones who seem to have everything!  Show your thoughtfulness by selecting handmade and one-of-a-kind items from a site like Etsy, or browse a local antique store for some really unique finds.  Food is always a welcome treat, too. Make your own chocolate covered strawberries for a delectable surprise, or try your hand at gourmet oils and vinegars, packaged in unique bottles.

Once you have the perfect birthday gift be sure to wrap it up right—don’t skimp on this step! And, of course, don’t forget about a birthday card. Choose from personalized paper cards, ecards, and printable cards. After all, the right card is the best way to add your special wishes to a wonderful birthday gift!


Stay connected throughout the summer!


You're Awesome!

Quick—think of someone special in your life. It could be anyone—a friend, a family member, or that neighbor who’s always there when you need them. Or maybe it’s someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Well, want to know how to make their day? It’s easy–send a “just because” card! You don’t need a special occasion to spread a little summer sunshine, and saying “hi” has never been easier. There are so many great ecards and paper cards to choose from, so you can find ones that are just right for everyone—from your old college roommate to your great aunt! So pull out your address book, sift through your email contacts, check in on Facebook and get ready to share some cheer. Not only will you brighten someone’s day, but we’ll bet you end up feeling a whole lot happier, too. After all, staying connected is what life’s all about!

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Kathy Davis Celebrates Mothers & Daughters

We are super excited to share a look at one of our favorite artists, Kathy Davis, as she introduces a great new series on her blog.

Kathy is a great friend of American Greetings, where it’s not hard to find her work – through both eCards and Greeting Cards.  An avid lover of nature, and color enthusiast, Kathy’s belief in giving back and “scattering” joy pervades all aspects of her life and art. And, as a creative woman entrepreneur, she understands the journey and process of turning a passion into a business, a dream for so many people.

Now through Mother’s Day, Kathy is featuring creative Mother/Daughter duos on her blog, where she shows the bond a Mother and Daughter can share, both through life and art. It is such an inspirational idea that we had to share. Learn more about the series in Kathy’s own words…

Mothers and daughters share a lot of things in common – from how they look – to the things they cook – to what inspires them to follow their passions and dreams. In my own case, I chose to alter my path as a teacher to pursue my passion for a career in the arts. That choice to follow my creative instincts has proven to be very rewarding for me in many ways.

However, little did I know that my own daughter, Katie, who grew up playing sports, watching TV and hanging out with friends, would choose to pursue her passions in the arts. As a young child, she watched me paint and did some dabbling herself, but she soon followed her peers into the world of whatever seemed “cool” for the moment. Just before her senior year in high school she decided that art might not be such a bad way to make a living, after all. Today, at age 26, she has a degree in Photography, works as a designer at Kathy Davis Studios and has started a photography business on the side with her soon-to-be husband.

My own experience is one I heard echoed in some of my artist friends, whose daughters, or mothers, are also involved in the arts. It gave me the idea for an interview series that would be timely for Mother’s Day.

Is creativity genetic? Is it a natural instinct or instead is it inspired or acquired by osmosis? Whether hereditary or acquired, the love of art often passes from one generation to the next. While daughters may be inspired to follow in the footsteps of their mothers before them, each of them are creating a path that’s all their own.

In this blog series, you’ll meet 6 different mother-daughter duos – each with their own unique story of how art has played a role in their lives – and how that passion for art creates a shared bond between them.

_ Kathy Davis


Printable Wishes for Mom

Mother's Day printable card

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on and we are here to help! Printable Mother’s Day cards are a great idea and allow you a variety of options to customize. You can change the text and add your own message, you can add photos and art to any card or envelope, and you can print your card from your home printer, or post it to Facebook and let your recipient do the printing. We think this option is great if you’re looking for something a little different from an ecard – especially if you can’t get to the store to browse the card aisle. All of American Greetings printable options are modern, bright and vibrant, with the perfect Mother’s Day messaging. Send Mother’s day wishes for mom! Try one today and let us know what you think. Snap a picture of the cards you print and post them on our facebook page! Have fun = )

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Thinking of you

Thinking of You Potter & Butler

Thinking of You

Ever just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them? You are not alone. And when someone lets us know that they’re thinking of us, we usually can’t help but smile. It’s like when you’re going through the mail and amongst all the bills and junk catalogs there is a card or letter addressed to you – it can change your mood instantly. And even though we find ourselves sending  letters and cards in the mail less and less, there are still countless ways to let someone know you’re thinking of them. With a click of the mouse you can send a simple and sweet message, or eCard. A quick text is better than nothing, and if you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, a phone call to catch up can be just what you need. Reach out today…what do you have to lose?

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Uggie the Wonder Dog!

Uggie the Wonder Dog

Whether you’ve seen “The Artist,” or just tuned in for the red carpet at the Golden Globes, chances are you’ve seen the lovable and furry phenom, Uggie. With award season in full swing, Uggie is making press rounds and impressing A-list actors and stealing the hearts of millions of people around the country.

Well, this adorable little dog has had a special place at American Greetings since 2009, when he starred in his first ecards Awwwsome Valentine’s Day and Birthday Kisses. Since then, Uggie has starred in many other ecards, including a Christmas ecard and a Woofy Birthday ecard. It’s pretty easy to see why he’s a fan favorite… Uggie’s owner and trainer, Omar Von Muller is a familiar face at American Greetings, as he owns and trains several other dogs that have starred in a variety of ecards.

Uggie has recently found a sidekick in a younger pup named Dash. Omar also owns and works with Dash, and he uses both dogs interchangeably on set – it’s safe to say that Uggie is showing him the ropes of show business and they are quite the dynamic duo!

Check out Uggie & Dash on YouTube

We are all super proud of wonder dog Uggie and Dash, and hope they bask in their fame for years to come!  Check out our newest Valentine’s Day ecard starring Uggie and Dash!


Hi, Happy New Year and welcome to our brand new blog!

stay inspired in the new year!

A new year is the perfect time to start new adventures, set goals and dream big. For us, 2012 is all about staying connected – with friends, family, loved ones, and each other! We’re making a commitment to help you stay connected every day, so we’re going to post every day – that’s right – 365 posts all dedicated to helping you stay in touch with the people that matter most in your lives.

We’ll be posting some of our favorite cards, but you can also expect eclectic photos, inspirational quotes, fun projects and so much more. We’re here, ready to help you express whatever makes you happy, share whatever makes you laugh, and connect with whoever fills your heart with love. We’ve got loads of ideas and inspiration about, well, everything, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say too!