The five friends everyone needs to have

Friendship quoteIn every person’s life, some good times will be had and some tears will fall—but who is always there to share the ups and downs with you? You may not realize it, but your friends shape and sustain you through both happy and sad times, altering forever our perspectives, our hearts and even the course of your life!

When hard times appear, you always turn to your friends for the right reaction and words. While the pressures of daily life may have gotten in the way of nurturing these relationships, a bump in the road is always a speedy reminder of what (and who) is important to you.

With this in mind, here is our list of the five friends that every woman needs to have:

  • A shared history: Whether you met playing junior high basketball or at your first job out of college, having a friend who knows your history helps you to remember who you are and where you come from. Even if you don’t get to see each other as often as you’d like, when you get together it’s like no time has passed at all.
  • Your own personal therapist: Having a friend who truly listens, helps you get to the root of problems, and come up with solutions is essential. She helps to keep you balanced and is always there when you’re not feeling sure about what to do or even how you feel. Best yet, you know that no matter what, she’ll keep your secrets in the utmost confidence.
  • Two peas in a pod: Having a friend who shares your interests–whether it’s a love for listening to local bands or spending the day quietly scrapbooking, helps keep you on track and active. Whenever one of you gets a hankering for your favorite things, you know you can always reach out and make solid plans with one another.
  • The work friend: Since we don’t get to make friends on the playground anymore, sometimes you need to be a little old school and make a friend in the office lunchroom. Having someone to share your daily gripes (and giggles) with definitely makes the work day go faster, and oftentimes these friendships can blossom even further after you’re coworkers.
  • Mommy madness: If you’re a parent, you need another mommy friend to talk to, vent, and share tips with. Whether you meet her through your child’s school or just around town, you’ll need someone who truly understands your daily struggles (and also your joy!) She can also be there in a pinch—whether you need someone to pick the kids up

While it can be more challenging to make friends as an adult, making it a focus to both create and nurture these relationships has great rewards. Always keep your “friend antenna” up and tuned in to see what new friends you can make. You never know if they may turn out to be just the type of person who could make meaningful contributions to your life.

Did we miss any types of friends that you think are must-haves?


Reconnecting with Long-Lost Friends


There may be many friends—from childhood classmates to work acquaintances—who (despite the best of intentions) we lost touch with over the years. We think of them often, recall warm memories and wonder what they’re up to today. Even in this age of social media, it can sometimes still be difficult to locate people after name changes and not everyone uses social networks to keep in touch. But when contact information is available, why is it so hard to take that first step to reach out?

Enter the heartfelt note.

Writing a personal, handwritten note is a great solution to reaching out to long-lost friends. Whether in a birthday or holiday greeting card or just an unprompted note to say, “I’m thinking about you,” receiving a special note makes us feel important and loved.

So why not give that great feeling to a friend or family member that you’re missing? It only takes a few minutes and costs next to nothing, but the impact to your relationship will be long-lasting.

To help you out in this process, we’ve consulted our greeting card writers and relationship experts for some helpful tips on how to write a meaningful message every time. 14_29_06First off:

• Try playing some music that gets you in the mood for the type of note you’d like to write, whether it’s touching and heartfelt or upbeat and fun.
• Think back to experiences you’ve shared together—that outing you took, the time they gave you really great advice or even a shoulder to cry on. You should focus not only on the event, but how it made you feel and the impact it had on your life.
• If you need some help walking down memory lane, try revisiting old photos and looking through mementoes.


• Create a list of words that describe your friend, as well as notable personality quirks that make them unique. These words can help to create a handy reference guide if you encounter writer’s block.
• Start with a quick draft on scrap paper before penning the final note on your card or stationery. Try writing a few simple sentences that describe what your friendship means, how grateful you are, and what makes them so exceptional.
• Just remember, no masterpiece was written on the first try. So don’t get frustrated if your first version doesn’t turn out as perfect as you’d like it to be. As you write more notes to friends and family in each birthday and holiday card, it will steadily start to become more natural to you.


• When you’re ready to write, select a nice pen and some beautiful stationery or a great card.
• Penmanship counts! Take your time to carefully write the note so that every letter is clear. Since this is something they’re likely to keep (and possibly even display), you’ll want your handwriting to look its very best!
• If, after all this effort, the words still don’t come, you can always head to the greeting card aisle and select a sentiment that best expresses what you would like to say. Then underline the words that stand out to you and jot a short note inside to let them know that you really mean what’s written on the card.

With a little practice, you can become known as the person who always writes sweet sentiments in notes and cards. Each time you write a personal message, it will become easier to get to the root of what makes your relationship unique so that you can express it most effectively. Happy writing!

Who is on your list of people to reconnect with? Share your stories of long-lost friends in our comments section!



You’ve got a friend…

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