Happy Mother’s Day from Kathy Davis

Mother's Day cards by Kathy Davis

If you are a mom,  Happy Mother’s day  to you! As Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself thinking about my own mother, who will forever be in my heart. Mom always went out of her way to try to brighten someone’s day. Her example was so constant that I am certain she is the source of my own desire to write messages from my heart to people I care about.

In fact, it seems to me that mothers are often the ones who model thoughtfulness for the family, the ones who never forget a birthday or anniversary, who often surprise friends and loved ones with little gifts or messages, who always have their “radar” on to recognize when someone’s spirits might need a little boost.

So as Mother’s Day approaches, I like to think about all the moms in my life who are so thoughtful and kind, who extend themselves even before they are asked and who never expect anything in return. Some are friends, and others are family. Some are new moms, others empty-nesters. Some are grandmothers, and others are aunts. I like to show my appreciation to these wonderful women who make a difference in my life by sending a special greeting card, and sometimes I include a token gift or book.

This Mother’s Day, I’d love to hear how you plan to honor the special moms in your life!

P.S. – Speaking of books, this Mother’s Day, I’m really excited about my new book, Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart: A Celebration of Motherhood. Inside the pages of this book you will find my favorite quotations and sayings about mothers, surrounded by my garden-inspired watercolor art. For me, creating this collection was a heartfelt way to honor the memory of my wonderful mother. At the same time, it speaks to all moms of every generation. (You’ll find it at our website kathydavis.com.)


What to Say in a Mother’s Day Card

Special Words for Mom from StayInspired365.com

With all the greeting cards available for Mother’s Day  , it’s usually not hard to find one for your mom, no matter how unique your relationship is. But writing a personal note might not be as easy. That’s where the creative team at American Greetings comes in.  Before we write cards, we research relationships.  And we’ve narrowed down the complicated, tender, strong, funny, forever love between a mother and child to give you some expert advice on just what to say to make your mom feel extra special…

Mom to Mom

Once you become a mother yourself, you have a better understanding of what your mom did for you—and now you’re also celebrating her as a grandmother!  Here are some ways to express your thoughts:

For helping you become the mother you are: The highest compliment anyone can give me, Mom, is to say that I’m like you.

For the ways you’ve followed in her footsteps: I see you in things I do, I hear you in things I say—and these are some of the things I’m most proud of.

For all the stages of you’ve been through: From “Mommy” to “Grandma” you’ve always found a way to be amazing at who you are.

Mom as a Friend

Do you consider your mom a friend and confidant?–here are some great ways to express your feelings:

For the Mom you respect as a woman and/or professional: Somewhere along the way, I realized the extraordinary mom raising me was also an extraordinary woman.

For the mom you love to spend time with: You always knew just how to lift my spirits, Mom.  Some things never change.

For the ways your relationship has changed…and stayed the same: My doctor, my hairdresser, my counselor, my friend…I can’t thank you enough for everything, Mom, because “everything” just keeps getting better!

Still Need Your Mom?

If your mom is still the person you count on most, be specific about what you appreciate:

For her words of wisdom: Even if you didn’t think I was listening, I live by your words every day.

For being the one you always turn to: In my heart I have every hug you ever gave me—and sometimes they still get me through.

For the example she sets: Beautiful, loving, understanding, forgiving…that’s you, Mom.  And it’s who I strive to be.

 For All the Moms Reading This: We wish you a well-deserved, wonderful Mother’s Day!



How to Make Moms Feel Special…

Happy Mother's Day from StayInspired365.com

With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, you may have started thinking about what you can do to make her feel special. In an effort to give you the best gift ideas, it’s impossible to narrow down all the great suggestions from the many mothers surveyed.  But what came up over and over again as an all-time favorite “gift” was simply a card with a personal touch.

Flowers, jewelry and chocolate also topped the list of traditional gifts.  Creative ways to display favorite photos tend to become the best keepsakes of the bunch.  And a gift card to a restaurant or spa or, better yet, taking her yourself is most often appreciated by hard-working moms who definitely deserve a break.

But, more than anything, most moms simply want to feel appreciated…which is why saying “I love you” with a card that’s just her style will always make her smile.  It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to say and do to give your mom a beautiful day.

In the mood board: Artistic Flower for Mom paper card from American Greetings


Personalizing Mother’s Day!

Personalizing Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day gets closer, we’re here to help you choose the perfect card -( it’s kind of what we love to do). Moms everywhere love opening the mailbox to find a sweet Mother’s Day card because it lets them know how much they’re loved, appreciated and thought of. If you think you don’t have time to get to the store to look for a Mother’s Day card it’s not a problem. American Greetings brings the card aisle to you directly from your computer. You can find store-quality paper cards online, and the best part is, you can customize the message and even add a photo if you’d like. It’s these small touches that moms will notice and love – so start browsing today!

In the mood board: Mommy Whale Mother’s Day Greeting Card from American Greetings


Keep Mom on your Mind

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is less than a month away and it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to do for all the moms in your life on their special day. As you brainstorm, one of the easiest things to check off your list early is a card for Mom. There are plenty of options when it comes to Mother’s Day cards – you can go funny, heartfelt, general or silly, depending on what you think she’ll love this year. Choosing a Mother’s Day card with the option to personalize or add a photo is great idea because we know moms everywhere love getting a one-of-a-kind message. So start browsing the card aisle – in person, or online today to find the perfect fit for your mom this year.

In the mood board: Artistic Flower for Mom greeting card from American Greetings