Kathy Davis Celebrates Mothers & Daughters

kathy davis mb Kathy Davis Celebrates Mothers & Daughters

We are super excited to share a look at one of our favorite artists, Kathy Davis, as she introduces a great new series on her blog.

Kathy is a great friend of American Greetings, where it’s not hard to find her work – through both eCards and Greeting Cards.  An avid lover of nature, and color enthusiast, Kathy’s belief in giving back and “scattering” joy pervades all aspects of her life and art. And, as a creative woman entrepreneur, she understands the journey and process of turning a passion into a business, a dream for so many people.

Now through Mother’s Day, Kathy is featuring creative Mother/Daughter duos on her blog, where she shows the bond a Mother and Daughter can share, both through life and art. It is such an inspirational idea that we had to share. Learn more about the series in Kathy’s own words…

Mothers and daughters share a lot of things in common – from how they look – to the things they cook – to what inspires them to follow their passions and dreams. In my own case, I chose to alter my path as a teacher to pursue my passion for a career in the arts. That choice to follow my creative instincts has proven to be very rewarding for me in many ways.

However, little did I know that my own daughter, Katie, who grew up playing sports, watching TV and hanging out with friends, would choose to pursue her passions in the arts. As a young child, she watched me paint and did some dabbling herself, but she soon followed her peers into the world of whatever seemed “cool” for the moment. Just before her senior year in high school she decided that art might not be such a bad way to make a living, after all. Today, at age 26, she has a degree in Photography, works as a designer at Kathy Davis Studios and has started a photography business on the side with her soon-to-be husband.

My own experience is one I heard echoed in some of my artist friends, whose daughters, or mothers, are also involved in the arts. It gave me the idea for an interview series that would be timely for Mother’s Day.

Is creativity genetic? Is it a natural instinct or instead is it inspired or acquired by osmosis? Whether hereditary or acquired, the love of art often passes from one generation to the next. While daughters may be inspired to follow in the footsteps of their mothers before them, each of them are creating a path that’s all their own.

In this blog series, you’ll meet 6 different mother-daughter duos – each with their own unique story of how art has played a role in their lives – and how that passion for art creates a shared bond between them.

_ Kathy Davis

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A Mombo for Mom!

md mb 03 A Mombo for Mom!

When I was little, I was what you might call a bit of a ham. I loved to sing and dance, and put on a show for my parents – especially my mom. She would always laugh and clap, and watch every ridiculous production I put on in the living room – and that’s why all moms are awesome. They are always there to cheer us on and laugh with us when things get silly. This Mother’s Day, we all want to make Mom smile, but how about making her let out a little giggle…you know, for old times.

In the mood board: Mother’s Day Mombo fun song ecard by American Greetings

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Printable Wishes for Mom

md moodboard 03b Printable Wishes for Mom

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on and we are here to help! Printable Mother’s Day cards are a great idea and allow you a variety of options to customize. You can change the text and add your own message, you can add photos and art to any card or envelope, and you can print your card from your home printer, or post it to Facebook and let your recipient do the printing. We think this option is great if you’re looking for something a little different from an ecard – especially if you can’t get to the store to browse the card aisle. All of American Greetings printable options are modern, bright and vibrant, with the perfect Mother’s Day messaging. Try one today and let us know what you think. Snap a picture of the cards you print and post them on our facebook page! Have fun = )

In the mood board: Happy Wishes printable Mother’s Day card from American Greetings

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