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Free Wallpapers

Tired of your desktop wallpaper? Brighten your computer screen background in just seconds with free wallpapers from American Greetings. We have hundreds of new designs and desktop images for you. From stylish graphics and fun illustrations to beautiful desktop photos and inspiring landscapes, we have free wallpapers for every taste and occasion.

Depth and Quality

Fast and Free

  • Making a dull computer desktop look better shouldn't cost you money. That's why we only offer free wallpapers--No credit card is needed to download any of our desktop wallpapers. Plus, you can keep as many wallpapers as you want--whether you download one wallpaper or a different desktop theme for every day of the year, it's still free!

Wallpapers are Fun

  • You can put any old wallpaper on your desktop, but why not have some fun with it? Your desktop wallpaper can also help you take your mind off of your next work deadline and daydream about being on a trip. We have a variety of vacation wallpapers, including wallpaper photos taken by our very own employees! Try one of our breathtaking Hawaiian wallpapers or desktop photos taken from scenic locations.

Safety First

  • When downloading files to your computer, you want to make sure that you can trust where you got them and that they won't cause any harm. That's why we are proud to say our desktop wallpapers do not contain anything that can hurt your computer performance such as spyware, adware or viruses. All you are downloading is a beautiful, scenic wallpaper from a name you can trust that will brighten up your screen and make time spent at your computer more enjoyable.

Flexibile for any System