Ecards : Gift Cards

How do I add a gift card to my ecard?

Please be sure you are signed in as a member of in order to send an ecard. Once you are signed in, please follow the directions below.

  1. Choose the ecard you wish to send.

  2. Click on the 'Personalize & Send' button. If the button instead says 'start your free trial,' you are not signed in properly and will need to sign in again. You'll see a link for 'paid members sign in here' below this button.

  3. After you access the personalize & send your ecard page, please note that many ecards have options on how to send the ecard. You may have options at the top of the page to 'email ecard' or 'send to mobile' or 'send to facebook.'

Step 1. Please note that the default option is to send the ecard by email. This is the only option for adding a gift card. Step 1 involves creating your personal message. Once you are satisfied with the message(s), click the 'continue to step 2' button.

Step 2 provides the options to add an Amazon Gift Card or an Membership. This is a convenient way to add a gift to your ecard. Please select the gift option you desire and click on the 'continue to step 3' button. Note that the default setting is No Thanks.

Step 3 enables you to add the name and email address of the recipient and set the date for the ecard to be delivered. When you've made all your additions and changes, you can preview your ecard by clicking the 'Preview your ecard' link just above the red 'continue to payment' button. Clicking the 'continue to payment' button will allow you to complete the purchase of the gift before sending your ecard.