Ecards : Sending

How do I add a photo to my ecard?

To add a photo to your ecard:

  1. Sign into the site.
  2. Select the ecard you would like to send and click the 'Personalize and Send' red button.
  3. On the personalize your message page there is a camera symbol. Click on the 'camera' link to upload an image. Click on the 'select your photo' red button and retrieve the photo from the file drop down box.

If you experience a problem, you need to check the various settings on your browser to see if you are able to download and run plug-ins.

Note We require you to own the rights to the photo and agree to our terms of service. The 'terms of service' link is located at the bottom of the page and you will want to check the appropriate box to confirm your compliance with these terms.