Ecards : Sending

I'm having trouble posting the Breaking Birthday News Video Card.

In order to post ecards to Facebook, you will need to be signed in to both your and Facebook memberships. Also, please be sure you have allowed cookies for both and Facebook. Please follow these steps:

  1. While in Internet Explorer, click on tools, then Internet options

  2. Click on the Privacy tab.

  3. Click on the Advanced button near the center of this window.

  4. On the screen that appears, make sure that you have the following settings:

    • A check by override automatic cookie handling

    • Accept selected for both First and Third-party cookies

    • A check by Always allow session cookies

  5. Click OK

  6. The main Privacy screen will appear again.

    Click on the Edit or Sites button. You may have our website address set to Always Block. Check the lower box to see if is listed as Always Block. If it is, please set it to Always Allow. You can do this by right clicking on and left clicking on Allow from the menu. Or, follow the directions below.

  7. In the Address of Web site box, please type

  8. Click Allow.

  9. The site will appear in the lower box as Always Allow.

  10. Repeat the steps and add

  11. Click OK and close all the windows. You have now enabled cookies to be accepted for the two sites. Please return to and try sending the ecard again. Please type in the address bar at the top of the browser rather than using a bookmark or favorite.

If this doesn't help, some other issues may cause difficulty in posting ecards to friends walls. The security settings on the friend's Facebook account may be blocking messages. Please ask your friend to check their settings. Or, Facebook may be experiencing some temporary difficulty. Please try again later.