Ecards : Talking

How do I send a talking ecard?

We have added new Talking ecards from Oddcast with two options!

Please make sure that you are signed in as a member. Once you are signed in, follow the instructions below to send an Oddcast ecard.

Option one is typing text your character will speak:

  1. The 'Text to speech' tab is the default for talking ecards. Make sure that tab is selected:
  2. Choose a voice from the dropdown list under Step 1:
  3. Type your message in the text box under Step 2. Note: there is a maximum length of 600 characters.
  4. To hear your message in the voice you selected, click the 'Preview' button:
  5. To send the ecard, click the 'Send' button and complete the steps offered on the next page. Note: An optional message can be added on the next page and will appear in text below your talking ecard.

Option two is recording your own voice:

  1. Click the 'Record by phone' tab.

  2. Call the toll free number listed on the screen and enter the passcode.

  3. Follow the prompts given to you. Record your voice message and press "1" once you are finished recording.

  4. You may listen to your voice recorded message or save it.

  5. Press "2" to save your message. Press "3" to delete and re-record.

  6. The automated system will inform you that, "your recording will be available on-line momentarily."

  7. Go back to the eCard that you are formatting and either preview the card first, or complete the card by clicking on 'personalize & send.' The message you add on the next page will appear in print below your Talking ecard.

You should be all set!