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This Service is run by AG Interactive, Inc. By using this Service you agree to the following terms and conditions (the Terms) as well as the Terms of Use located at

When you send a Card via your mobile phone, standard messaging and data rates may apply. In addition, the recipient of your card may also be subject to messaging or data charges from their mobile carrier depending on their messaging plan.

By sending a Card via mobile phone, you agree that you are the account holder or have the account holder's permission to send the Card.

To stop receiving Cards: text STOP AG, END AG, CANCEL AG, UNSUBSCRIBE AG, or QUIT AG to 647338. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that you will no longer receive messages or charges. You will not receive any additional messages or charges unless you opt back in to receive Cards.

To get help: Email us at or call our support number at 800-711-4474. From your mobile phone, you can request our contact information at any time by texting HELP AG to 647338.

In addition to the other restrictions and limitations contained in these Terms, AG is not responsible for failures in delivery of Cards via mobile phone as a result of any technical issues. For instance, AG is not responsible if your Card is not delivered because:

There may be other reasons for a delivery failure as well. AG will not give refunds for Cards that are not delivered due to technical issues that AG is not responsible for.

We collect certain information about you and your recipients in order to provide the Service. The information consists of your phone number, your mobile carrier, the personalization you put in the products, and your recipient's phone number. We may also collect your email address. We will not sell, lease, rent, or otherwise transfer your information to third parties, except that we reserve the right to share your information with relevant parties if we believe that you have abused the Service or otherwise acted illegally. We do not use the information you provide for any purpose but to provide the Service.

You may not use the Service to send abusive or harassing messages, send obscene or pornographic content, send viruses or destructive files, conceal or misrepresent your identity, send spam, or act inappropriately in any other way.

We hereby grant you a limited license to use the Service for the your personal, non-commercial use. We own all of the material contained in the Service except the information you provide. Your use of the Service does not confer any rights to you in the Service or the materials on it.