Creative & Design Careers

The innovative professionals who lend their talents to creating the very best products we can offer work in a wide variety of settings including illustration, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, dimensional package design, interactive media, programming and web design.

Specific roles include:

• Line Designer: Uses market research, trend analysis and costing guidelines, balances lines of products for color look, subject matter, technique and layout/design. Provides art direction of these elements for execution by a graphic designer and/or illustrator.

• Graphic Artist: Uses creative talent and basic product understanding to provide concepts, resolve product design and project responsibilities. Interprets planning instructions and executes, refines or prepares art for reproduction by working in a wide variety of techniques, styles and subject matters.

• Interactive Designer: Uses creativity and knowledge of Multimedia techniques and the knowledge of the online social communication media to create and design the aesthetics and functionality of a variety of products.

• Web Designer/Developer: Designs and develops the creative aesthetics, visual interpretation, user experience and technical requirements for brands in the digital media environment.