Trump Said What? Ecard (Interactive)

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Card Verse
Welcome to a fun, interactive experience! Tap Here Get Started. {SOUND BITES IN RANDOM SEQUENCE} [TAP] Frankly, I looked through a tremendous, tremendous selection of ecards before choosing this one. You're welcome. [TAP] I'm hoping you have a day rich with happiness. And I mean really, really rich, like me. [TAP] Bad hair day? No. Never had one. Next question. Get him outta here. [TAP] Little hands? Maybe. But trust me, everything else is YUUGE. [TAP] My hairstylist told me Orange is the new black. So I fired her. She was crying. [TAP] What does my beautiful wife see in me? Several billion dollars and a family history of heart trouble, but that's beside the point. [TAP] What's my favorite classic rock album? That one's easy: The Wall. [Message] This is more than an electronic greeting. It's your Trump card.