Special Occasions Greeting Card Collection, 8-Count


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Be ready for life’s important occasions! This special occasions greeting card bundle features fresh and celebratory designs balanced with warm, traditional looks. Filled with happy, joyful wishes for engagements, weddings, anniversaries and new babies, it’s perfect for many life stages. Sparkling glitter, shimmering foil and dimensional attachments like ribbons, cords and faux gemstones add a sophisticated touch to these handmade cards. Neatly packaged in a convenient cardboard box, this mix of 8 unique greeting cards and envelopes is protected by plastic sleeves to keep designs in tact. Themes include engagement congrats (1), wedding shower (1), wedding congrats (2), baby shower (1), baby congrats (2) and anniversary (1). It’s a great value for anyone looking to stay connected with those they love, and can be used as a refill kit for our card collection starter kit box (sold separately). When the moment calls for a celebration, you’ll be glad you have this assorted greeting card pack at your fingertips!
  • Premium Special Occasions Greeting Card Collection, 8-Count
  • This special occasions greeting card collection features celebratory and premium-quality cards embellished with foil and eye-catching attachments
  • All cards are printed on thick cardstock and individually wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve
  • Includes cards for the following occasions: Engagement Congrats (1), Wedding Shower (1), Wedding Congrats (2), Baby Shower (1), Baby Congrats (2), Anniversary (1)
  • 8 envelopes included
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