perfect romantic card

Love doesn't always have to be candlelight and flowers.
Sometimes love is just a blanket over our feet, sitting on the couch with each other after a long day. Sometimes it's a smile, or a wink wrapped inside a hectic moment. Any way love looks, I see it everywhere in our life - and if you ask me, it's just perfect.

Product Details

Share a romantic card with the one you love! This shimmering greeting card features a colorful embossed lettering design on a prismatic foil background and includes a blue satin ribbon attachment. With a heartwarming message to make your significant other smile, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your relationship.
  • This romantic greeting card features colorful embossed lettering, prismatic foil and a blue satin ribbon attachment
  • Features a light blue ribbon attachment, embossing and foil embellishment
  • Envelope included
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