Insane and Crazy Father's Day Card for Husband

Our life together is half insane and half crazy.
And all good.

Product Details

It’s all good! From American Greetings, this Present Company card features a fun gatefold design with two halves of a heart that open to reveal a wholehearted message. Present Company cards are filled with sweet, heartfelt greetings that help you fit meaning into your very full life. All are made from thick, cotton-blend paper stock. This romantic card also features shimmering gold foil and neon pink accents for a sophisticated touch. Share as a Valentine’s Day card, Father's Day card, anniversary card or funny card for him or her. Affix the unique seal to the outside of the envelope for a bonus sentiment. With so many amazing people in your life, let love unfold with Present Company!
  • Printed on thick, textured paper stock
  • From American Greetings, Present Company brings a romantic card for him or her in a gatefold heart design embellished with foil
  • The perfect card for telling your husband how much you love your crazy life together
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