Cupid's Pick-up Lines Ecard

Card Verse
Cupid never misses the mark when he’s hooking other people up, but some of his own pick-up lines…? Well, you be the judge… What’s your sign, honey? Mine’s the Archer, and I always hit the target, if you know what I mean… Baby, once you go Cupid, the rest are just stupid. Whoa, is that an arrow in my diaper or am I just happy to see you? My Cloud 9 or yours? My name is Cupid, but you can call me the God of Love… because I am, the God of Love. Really, it says so right here on my driver’s license. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I do another flyby? Wanna go back to my… well, crib? No, not working for ya? Well, baby, this will! It’s Valentine’s Day –- watch your back, Sweetie!


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