Eat Cake! Ecard

Card Verse
Hey, there, Caelin Carrot. You're looking very thin! Thanks, Celereee! That color is so in! How 'bout you, Carly Flower --- take a dip recently? You know it, girl! Only half a calorie! We're totally offensive, we know we don't have taste. We ruin a good meal. Out to dinner? What a waste. When everyone is ordering the shrimp in beer-fried batter. You have the healthy choice, the heart-good veggie platter. But you don't have an option, you want to watch your weight. We're the ones you have to chow on, the ones you truly hate. We're the veggies in your life, the mean ol' legume platter. If you do not eat us, you know that you'll grow fatter. We're the veggies on your table, what a gastrotastrophe! And then for after dinner, replace the pie with some green tea.


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