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What Are Digital Games?

New digital games are available to buy for yourself or to buy for a friend by attaching within an ecard. Now available: Explore the picturesque world of Jacquie Lawson with the popular Nordic Advent Calendar, English Garden, or Curio Collection.

English Garden is a digital experience that invites you to grow the garden of your dreams and play fun games. Curio Collection lets you explore a room full games, puzzles and hidden surprises. All offer endless hours of relaxation, entertainment and fun challenges, too!

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Share a digital game with someone else by attaching within an ecard! After personalizing your ecard, you will have the option to add a digital game as a gift.

Nordic Advent Calendar

Celebrate Christmas the Scandinavian way with the Jacquie Lawson Nordic Advent Calendar. For each day of December until Christmas, you’ll unlock a smorgasbord of surprises within in a beautiful Nordic village inspired by the snowy landscapes and towns of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. 


Nordic Advent Calendar can only be used on desktop (Windows/Mac)


Edinburgh Advent Calendar

Journey to the picturesque city of Edinburgh in this gorgeously animated Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar. As December unfolds, explore the ancient capital of Scotland and discover a new surprise every day in a vibrant main scene filled with festive delights and hidden treasures.


Cotswold Advent Calendar

Inspired by the charming villages nestled across the rolling countryside, the Jacquie Lawson Cotswold Advent Calendar features a captivating main scene with holiday surprises to uncover every day of December. Amuse yourself with hidden games, puzzles, animated stories and activities, as well as your very own Cotswold cottage escape.


Curio Collection

Let your curiosity get the best of you with Curio Collection by Jacquie Lawson! Sure to be your (or a gift recipient's) next favorite game, explore the room of an imaginary world traveler and discover games, puzzles and hidden surprises among their exotic treasures. Play Curio Collection on your PC, Mac, iPad or other tablet for hours of relaxation, entertainment and fun challenges too!


English Garden

Introducing Jacquie Lawson's English Garden, an entertaining digital experience that invites you (or a gift recipient) to create a picturesque garden on a PC, Mac or iPad. Featuring delightfully captivating details and beautiful music, enjoy growing virtual plants, discovering wildlife and playing fun games. Dig up fun surprises day by day and watch your garden grow!



Digital games can be attached within an ecard. After selecting and personalizing an ecard, scroll down to the “add a gift” section, and select the game that you’d like to add. Your recipient will receive the product when they open their ecard.

Digital games run using your web browser and require the use of cookies to store your activation code, as well as personalizations such as your flower arrangements, snowflake designs and so on. Even if you have set your web browser to allow cookies, manually clearing cookies from your browsing history will result in the loss of your personalizations and will require you to re-enter your activation code.

Most web browsers also have a setting that clears your browsing history every time you close your browser. Usually this also clears your cookies, so you must ensure this setting is turned off.

An internet connection is required for operation of the digital games so please make sure your internet connection is up and running.

You cannot use Private Browsing, or incognito or other "private" modes to view these products. This is because these settings disable permanent cookies (see above). On an iPad, please follow these instructions to turn off Private Browsing.

For more frequently asked questions, visit here or contact us.

Note: Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar, Curio Collection and English Garden are separate features and not included with your American Greetings membership.