The Greeting Card has a New Superpower

Cleveland Clinic MyROAD® audio greeting card provides four pre-recorded messages for heart failure patients focused on the critical first 30-45 days of self-care after hospital discharge. Authored by Nancy Albert, PhD and created in collaboration with American Greetings, the card features short, concise instructions that are easy to digest and follow. The format designed by American Greetings promotes continuous engagement, allowing for playback of the vital message. The card's magnetic center can be removed and placed on a refrigerator to reinforce healthy behaviors for long-term self-care.

Cleveland Clinic x American Greetings MyRoad Greeting Card

MyRoad Greeting Card
MyRoad Greeting Card Magnet

American Greetings is proud to collaborate with the renowned global healthcare leader Cleveland Clinic on the MyROAD® audio greeting card. A clinical trial showed exciting potential for cards to improve healthcare outcomes. At this time, the MyROAD® audio greeting card is unavailable for board distribution. Still, we are collaborating with Cleveland Clinic to assess the market opportunity and the next steps.

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