Ecards : Gift Cards

I sent my ecard and gift to the wrong email address, can I resend it?


To resend an ecard with a gift attached first sign-in and go to ‘My Account,’ then select ‘Sent Ecards’ from the left navigation. Locate the ecard that you would like to resend. Underneath the ecard image you will see either ‘received: cannot resend’ or ‘resend gift & ecard’ messaging. If you see the message ‘received: cannot resend’ you will need to contact customer support to assist you. If you see a link with the message ‘resend gift & ecard’ you can select this to start the resend flow. Upon selecting ‘resend gift & ecard’ you will be taken back into the ‘Personalize & Send’ flow where you’ll see the gift details. Select ‘continue to step three’ to take you into the ‘Send” flow and enter your recipient’s information to send you ecard and gift.