Ecards : Sending

Why am I getting a message on misuse of the website when I send my ecard?

Members who add email addresses or inadvertently add website URLs, words commonly used in spam, or certain punctuation marks will receive the following message and the ecard will not be sent:

"Enter or correct the following information: Your message violates the terms of service of the site."

This is done to prevent our ecards from being used in spam messages.

A URL is a website address. For instance, is the URL for our website. Adding an URL to your personal message will block the sending of your ecard.

Certain punctuation will cause the error. Starting a new sentence without placing a space after the period ending the previous sentence will generate the message.

Words or phrases commonly used in spam messages will block the sending of the ecard. These include the following: Nigeria, work from home, you're a winner, and oh well.

Copying and pasting text from a word document may also cause the message.