Membership Info : Paid Membership

Why was I charged multiple times?

There are two possible reasons you received multiple charges from our side.

  1. You have memberships with more than one email address. A membership can only be associated with one email address. If you create a new membership rather than updating the email address on your existing account, then you will create a new membership and a new charge.

    If you have two separate memberships, then you should contact us so we can locate all of your accounts and help you to resolve the issue.

  2. You added an Ecards or Print at Home account on the same email address. We offer three kinds of memberships: Ecards, Print at Home, and bundle memberships. If you join with an Ecards or Print at Home membership, and add the other type of membership at a later date, then you will be charged for each account separately.

    If you contact us directly, then we can adjust your membership into a bundle. A bundle membership is only one charge per year for both Ecards and Print at Home.