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How do I use the navigation?

You can narrow-down or filter your choices to help you find the perfect card to send!

First choose the type of greeting you'd like to send from the tabs at the top of your screen:

  • Ecards - Digital greetings that you can send, share or post instantly.
  • Print at Home - Greeting cards that you create and print from your home computer.
  • Paper Greeting Cards - The same greeting cards found in stores can be delivered right to your door.
  • Then choose the reason for sending the card. After you select a specific occasion, holiday or collection, you will have the option to filter content using the left navigation menu. You may see all or some of the options below:

    • Occasions - Some occasions will have sub-categories listed.
    • Holidays - The holiday you've chosen will be displayed here, or other holidays that the card is appropriate for.
    • Project Type - Print at home options such as invitations or coupon books
    • Recipients - Who are you sending the card to?
    • Tones - Heartfelt or funny, cute or romantic, say it like you feel.
    • Custom Features - Narrow by specific features such as talking or add-a-photo.
    • Special Collections - Check out special sections with common themes like "pets."

    You can undo each of your selections by clicking the "view all" link next to the category that was filtered on. Note: If you click "view all" next to "occasions" and no other refinements are selected, then you will be taken back to the main landing page for each product.

    The numbers in parentheses next to the links indicate total number of pieces within the category. You may see less, if you have other filters selected.