DIY Crafted Details Party Ideas


Colorful parties with a South American vibe are so in right now, and this festive DIY party full of crafted details (hence the name) doesn’t disappoint! 

What makes this party a feast for the eyes is the use of white and white space that really make the colors pop. We’re talking greens, pinks, blues, oranges, and yellows. Add to that a mix of burlap, wood, and succulents and you’ve totally nailed it with an authentic, textural feel.

This cutie patootie of a party is so easy to pull off, it’s ridiculous! Come on – do it for the ‘gram! (Which will give everyone who doesn’t attend serious FOMO).

Welcome! Right This Way…

Lead guests to a designated card table and gift chair, which will come in handy later when the guest of honor needs a place to sit to open their gifts. (TIP: If possible, it’s a nice idea to have the gift table visible from the entrance so guests can see exactly where to unload their giftables.)

And speaking of gifts, kick yours up a notch with festive gift bags like these, along with wrap that totally coordinates with this color scheme. Then grab your colored yarn – see how you can add a cool textured look to a gift? So fun!

Check out how we used a cool basket to catch the cascade of cards. You can give it to your guest of honor as a keepsake, or keep it to use again at all your parties. It’s a great way to keep all the cards together in one spot.

We had our artist-of-many-talents hand letter a placard that we put on the front of our basket and you can download it here to use, too!

We also added some yarn pom-poms to our card basket, along with a confetti balloon filled with pre-made tissue paper confetti and tied with extra ribbon tendrils, because curling ribbon.

To make your own customized confetti balloons, grab some tissue paper, a hole punch, and a funnel. (TIP! Get a nice, crisp cut of confetti by placing your tissue paper between two sheets of regular paper, then punch away!) Use the funnel to stuff the balloons with your cut confetti and push the confetti through using a pencil eraser and then just blow it up. Ta-da! Pressed for time? Simply click away for these uber-cool confetti balloons filled with dots or stars.

Help Yourself To A Refreshment.

Nothing looks prettier in a beverage decanter than floating fruit, and in this case we literally made lemonade out of lemons and let some of those bright happy slices show off. To make even more of a sunshiny statement, we placed our decanter on a footed cake stand which, in addition to adding a nice dimension of height to the drink table, also makes it uber easy for guests to access. Use an assortment of colored cups and napkins, and pop straws into a glass mason jar to get the full color payoff top to bottom.

What helps make our drink station such a focal point is the tissue paper tassel banner on the wall that creates a frame effect.

Plus, we ran one along the front of the table, too, along with a pom-pom banner, then scattered a mix of both tissue paper pom-poms and yarn pom-poms on top of the table as well. (Because, seriously – can you ever have too many pom-poms?)

YAY For Birthdays! (And Sugary Delights.)

If you’re like us, the first thing you want to shout when you see a yummy table loaded with sugary goodness is, “YAY!” Of course, those eye-catching letters are really meant to be referencing the special occasion as a whole, but whatevs.

You can easily make yours (in any letters you choose) by taking cardboard letters and wrapping them in yarn using hot glue. They add such a bold, fun statement. We didn’t hold back on scattering more mini yarn and tissue paper pom-poms on the table, and you shouldn’t either. Throw in some honeycomb balls for good measure, and you’ll truly create an eye-pleasing array of crafted textures.

Note that the banner we used for the food table is a combo of yarn pom-poms and mini tissue paper tassels. A tip on color choices – notice how we stayed away from red? We did that to prevent the overall look of the party from looking like a rainbow because the idea is more of a southwestern vibe, but you can certainly use any colors you’d like. You do you!

By now you’ve probably spotted these cacti cuties. We took faux cacti and decorated their white pots using tissue paper and craft glue. You can create variations of these like we did and use them everywhere throughout the party.

We used two of them in different pots to add interest to our food table. (Although, is any food table ever UNinteresting? Not to foodies like us! Nom nom nom…)

We piled sprinkle donuts on a cake stand and popped tissue paper fringe cupcake toppers on all our cupcakes. They’re sooo simple to make and look amazing!

Yarn pom-poms attached to bamboo skewers are ridiculously easy, yet take our cake to a crafty, wow-factor level. It’s amazing how using simple things in the right way can do that.

Again, notice the use of white space that make all the colors come to life. Along with a white plastic tablecloth and burlap runner, we also used white crates to elevate the food and décor to give the table height and dimension. (White crates are so handy to have and can be used from party to party. You might want to stockpile some!)

A cute chalkboard sign with “Happy Birthday” completes the look for a fabulous food table.

Have A Seat.

For our festive dining table, we kept it the same as our food table and used a white plastic tablecloth along with a burlap runner for added dimension. More confetti balloons make a super-fun statement for centerpieces and give the table added height. We added extra curling ribbon tassels (no surprise there!)  to make them feel fuller.

Here is where you can also place more succulents! We used three on our table but you can use as many as you’d like. Whether you choose to go with real or faux succulents, if you don’t want to keep them yourself once the party is over, you could add a colorful sticker underneath a few of the dinner plates, and the guests who find a sticker get to choose a succulent to take home. It adds a little extra fun surprise for kids and adults alike.

And of course our table is all about color, color, color! Mix and match solid tableware for a vibrant multi-colored look. We then gave each place setting a craft paper ‘thank you’ box wrapped in colorful yarn and added a thank you tag that looks handmade — only it isn’t! Save time on hand-stamping this detail by printing ours out here!

Keep scattering those tissue paper pom-poms and yarn pom-poms to complete the look. You might also want to frame, or simply display, some fun cards like we did. If your party is of the ‘adult’ persuasion, these wine bottle collars will add extra fun to your table.

If you’re going more kid-friendly, check out some of these birthday cards to make a perfect pick but also stellar for any birthday celebration, too.

While we’re on the topic of the kiddos, if you need a fun craft to make during the party, this circle loom weaving is a winner!

Simply take white paper plates and cut slots all around the edge. String colored yarn through each of the slots creating a ‘web’ effect on the front and secure on the back with tape. Then let the littles go to town using large, plastic sewing needles, going over and under each of the strings as they move around their circle. Change up colors to create unique and fun patterns. When each pattern is complete, simply double knot the end to one of the spokes and, if you choose, tie a ‘hanger’ string at the top so they can display them at home.

And what’s a party without candles? These Katie Loxton candles create the perfect happy glow. They also make great favors or an extra treat for the guest of honor.


You can choose from different quotes and scents to fit the mood of your occasion, or use an assortment of different ones throughout your party, like this candle. (Love!) They also make an awesome hostess gift, too. (If you’re the hostess — treat yo’ self!)

This colorful party definitely delivers on its promise to put everyone in a festive mood, and all your crafted details are the key that will create an awesome atmosphere. (Pics or it didn’t happen!)


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