Celebrate Dads Who Rock

Dads: they’re caretakers, mentors, heroes, and so much more. They might think we don’t notice all their hard work, but we definitely do. So let’s remind all father figures that they’re loved and appreciated this Father’s Day with thoughtful gifts, meaningful messages, and plenty of ideas for letting him know how much he matters.

The Best Advice My Dad Has Ever Given Me

When you’re young, you think your superhero dad knows everything, and as you get older you realize, hey – he does! (Okay, well almost everything.) Thankfully, he passed along some of his know-how to you as meaningful advice that you’ll never forget because — you’re not gonna lie — the older you get, the truer it is.

Check out some of this dad advice our audience shared and see if you relate. Does your dad know how much his advice means to you?

Tips & Inspiration

What To Write To Dad

Find the perfect message to tell all the dads you love why they’re so special and how much they matter. See What to Write in a Father's Day Card.

Father's Day Gift Guide

These Father’s Day gift ideas go the extra mile to inspire and help you create lasting memories for his special day. See Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Gift Wrap Idea: Nautical Banner

Rock the nautical look with this cool gift presentation for Father’s Day. A little washi tape and some baker’s twine are all you need!  See Nautical Banner Tutorial.

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