How To Use Reversible Wrapping Paper For The Holidays


What would the holidays be without the beautifully-wrapped gifts? And now you can kick your gift-wrapping game up a notch with the creative benefits of reversible wrap.

There are so many ways you can have fun with reversible wrap, and we’re going to show you a cool idea for creating a handy pocket to the front of a gift for your greeting card to sit safely inside.  Let’s get started!


Step 1: Wrap your gift with one side of the reversible wrap.

Step 2: Cut a square out of a strip of wrapping paper.

Step 3: Fold your square into a triangle.

Step 4: Fold your triangle into a smaller triangle.

Step 5: Trim the long side of your triangle for a clean edge.


Step 6: Secure only the two shorter sides together with double-sided tape to create your pocket.

Step 7: Make a double-sided tape triangle in the corner of your wrapped gift.

Step 8: Attach your pocket to the double-sided tape on your gift.


Step 9: Slide your card into the pocket.

*Extra tip: add a reversible wrap bow to your envelope for an extra touch!

Now you have a clever way to present both your gift and your card! Follow along with our video below and give it a try.

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