How To Create A One-of-a-kind Gift That Keeps On Giving

Life’s full of moments big and small, and they ALL deserve to be celebrated! Whether it’s kids of any age going back to school or graduating, a friend with a new job, or someone you love heading on a new adventure – when important moments happen, be there to share it with them (even when you can’t) with a really unique, thoughtful gift that shows you’re thinking of them right there on the spot! Deliver a shout-out, share a hug, even just say “hey, you’re awesome and I want you to know it right now!”

Open When cards are a give-today-open-later gift idea that adds fun beyond one special day – bringing personal wishes-on-hand down the road to all of the important moments ahead!

Imagine a pile of wishes from you ready to be opened to celebrate, support or share a little love as soon as the moment calls! They won’t even have to wait for the mail – your words will already be there in the envelope, in your handwriting, just waiting to be shared. Stay connected throughout the school year, after graduation, or for congrats on any accomplishment (even just to say “thinking of you”).

Just think ahead to things they’ll experience, grab a card and write what you’d say as if you were there – signed, sealed and delivered all together in one amazing gift as they go on their way - they’re just not allowed to open them until the moment fits, of course. 

We know, so fun right?

That’s the idea, and you can very easily create this personalized gift that’s really meaningful (and super-budget-friendly).

Here’s how!


What You'll Need:

Tips And What To Do:

  • Think of times when they’ll need a card and write them all out on envelopes in big fun ways, then write out a card for each occasion and seal the envelopes
  • Include an “Open Now” card that sets the tone for the rest of them; think of it as any other card you’d write to go along with a gift.
  • You’re putting a lot of thought and meaning into this gift idea, so make the presentation count! Small gift bags stuffed with tissue paper dress up this gift perfectly. Or you could always go minimal and bind the cards with a ribbon. Get creative! 
  • Tie it all up with a bow and give it to them on an important milestone day
  • Encourage your kids to make these for their friends! It’s a fun and easy gift idea that they’ll cherish in the future.

Here Are Some Times You Can Use These:

Open When Gift Ideas For Middle Schoolers

Middle school can be a challenging time for both parents and students alike. Kids have reached the peak of adolescence, and suddenly Mom and Dad aren’t as “cool” as they used to be. (We still think you’re the coolest.)

It can be difficult to watch your child become less reliant on you, but even though they might seem a little more distant, they still need you. Open when cards give you the opportunity to reach out to them during a time when they might not reach out to you.

When writing these cards to your middle schooler, consider the changes they’re likely experiencing: learning who their real friends are, struggling with self-esteem, and so on. Remind them that when times feel tough, there are bigger and better things ahead, and they can always rely on you to be there for them.

Open When Gift Ideas For The School Year

As weekly schedules fill up and after-school activities begin, we can easily forget to slow down and be more mindful. Open When cards offer a way to connect with your son or daughter amidst the craziness of the school year.

Uplifting messages work well for those not-so-great moments in life, but including cards that celebrate occasions like “the best day ever,” for example, are just as wonderful to receive.

Open When Gift Ideas For Moments Of Encouragement

The school year will be full of small victories and reasons to celebrate—making new friends, getting good grades, winning big games—but what about when they need a pick-me-up or a confidence boost?

That’s where Open When cards come in. Use these cards as a way to lend some positive vibes when your kid needs them most. Your message doesn’t have to be specific to one scenario; even reminding them how great they are or sharing a funny memory can make all the difference in their day.

Open When Gift Ideas For The Recent Grad

Graduation is a milestone that marks the end of a journey and the beginning of a new adventure—one that can be as scary as it is exciting. Whether they’re heading off to college or entering the workforce, there will be moments when something as simple as a handwritten message from you will mean the world.

Think about common scenarios a recent graduate might experience: landing a job, feeling uncertain or missing home. What message would they love to read from you in that moment?