Personalized Smashups have gone Hollywood!

We've got the all-singing, all-dancing, personalized video celebrity greetings! Why just send along your wishes, when you can have a celebrity deliver your greeting?

Smokey Robinson smiling - go to Smokey Robinson My Girl ecard

Let a celebrity deliver your greeting!

Steps to deliver a celebrity greetings 1. Choose your favorite celebrity 2. Select unique personalization 3. Preview 4. Send your masterpiece!

Say it with celebrities

Go ahead - put words in their mouths. Specifically the names and important events of friends and family!

Smokey Robinson

"Get Ready" to rock their world with an all-new and personalized edition of Smokey Robinson's classic tune with their name built right into the lyrics! Send Smokey Robinson ecard

Michael Bolton

Don't let the wait staff at your favorite chain restaurant sing the birthday song for your loved one when you can have Grammy Award-winning Michael Bolton do the honors. Send Michael Bolton ecard

William Shatner

Shatner delivers the goods in this funny personalized "Shout" out! Send William Shatner ecard

celebrity bloopers reel

Know why Michael Bolton is not a professional baker? Check out this behind the scenes video to see how many Grammy-Award winners it takes to break an egg. A fun look at the taping of our epically successful first celebrity ecard.

Animals are celebrities, too!

Funny celebrity ecards for the animal lover in your address book.

Celebrities are just like you and me. Except they're better-looking (in most cases), have more money, nicer clothes and get to deliver celebrity ecards (particularly funny celebrity ecards) to your friends and family. Always wanted to tell some Hollywood big shot what to do? Well now is your chance! They work for you, my friend. When you send celebrity video cards, you're the boss of them. Enjoy!