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Sorry that the card looks like a something a grandma would send but I’ve been trying to find things to send to you for your sweet 18th bday through mail 😭

I’m so sad that we couldn’t plan anything for your special birthday. A while ago I was planning on coming to your school to surprise you the Monday after your birthday (which was supposed to be tomorrow) but corona really didn’t like that idea.

Thank you so much for being my best friend! I’m so glad you were the first person in high school that I had a genuine connection with. I probably would have been dead on the side of the Cerritos High hallways if it weren’t for you, Faith, and Karina. 

You are such an amazing friend. You have the most beautiful mind and the biggest heart. You’re the best older sister to your siblings, you were the best pet mom to your bunnies, and you’re the smartest person that I know. Every conversation with you is just so insightful and there are still so many things that I know now and constantly refer back to because of you. 

Thank you for accepting my weirdness and being the best person in the world. You deserve to have the most eventful 18th birthday in the world. After all this is over we definitely all have to go to San Diego so we can party on the beach <3

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