Say “HI!” to Creatacard™, a really fun app that lets you create custom greeting cards with a creative card maker. Send one-of-a-kind cards to friends, family members, classmates and anyone who deserves a smile.

Explore Three You-nique Options:

Make a card
Color a card
Pick a card

Make a card from scratch with a virtual supply of crayons, paintbrushes, stickers and more.

Color a beautifully designed card your way.

Pick an exisitng ecard and add a photo, personal message and signature.

Did we mention that the Creatacard™ app is 100% FREE to download and enjoy? Get it now and start digging into all the awesome tools and templates. Then send each of your masterpieces by email or online!

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Make A Card

Step 1:

Start with a blank card.

Step 2:

Dig into our virtual art-box of crayons, stickers, markers and more to make a one-of-a-kind digital greeting card.

Step 3:

Send it off to someone special — smiles guaranteed.

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Color A Card

Step 1:

Start with one of our beautifully designed coloring cards.

Step 2:

Use our crayons, stickers, markers and more to complete the design in a way that is uniquely you!

Step 3:

Send it off to someone special — smiles still guaranteed.

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Pick A Card


Pick from an assortment of pre-designed greeting cards.


Add a photo, write a personal message and sign your name.


Send it off to someone special — even more smiles guaranteed.

A Custom App for Custom Cards

Doodle, draw and paint your way to making digital cards on your iPad, just like a real greeting card artist! The greeting card creator app lets you create a card from scratch using a selection of tools including pencils, paint, markers, stickers and more!

If you’re not feeling your inner Van Gogh, you can color in one of our coloring templates or pick a pre-designed card to customize — we’ll prompt you to add pictures, greetings and more for a special recipient.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect card, you can share it through email, text or Facebook.

Creatacard™ App FAQs

Creatacard™ is an app we created for the Apple iPad tablet, so it would be fun and easy for anyone to use the card-making tools and share the finished result with family and friends. Parents will also love giving their kids an activity that both challenges their creativity and encourages them to make the people in their life happy!

While our programmers designed the Creatacard™ app for use on Apple iPad only, you’ll be able to send any card you create to anyone’s device.

Our engineers created Creatacard™ as an iPad-only app so it would provide the best possible customer experience for the size of the screen.

Download the Creatacard™ App!

  Download the Creatacard app on the Apple App Store.