Digital Gifts & Egifts

American Greetings offers more than ecards to help you celebrate and stay connected, including digital gifts for any occasion. You can splurge on loved ones with gift cards (in any amount!) from a wide variety of popular places, either by attaching them to your cards or sending from our gift card store. With Songfinch, get a studio-quality, personalized original song as an egift that’s written and recorded by a world-class musician for your loved one. Or send Cameo, personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities in one of our custom cards. Look for more digital gifts coming soon!


Send a Cameo celebrity greeting with your card! Access tens of thousands of stars and request a personalized video message for any occasion.

Gift Cards

The perfect gift delivered in an instant, you can attach a gift card to any ecard, SmashUp or Creatacard™, or purchase and send from our gift card shop.


Elevate your card with a custom, original song. You tell Songfinch the details you want included and the perfect musician will get to work!

What are Virtual Gifts?

Digital gifts offer a one-of-a-kind, online gifting experience. You don’t have to shop in a crowded store, wait at a busy post office or even be in the same location as your gift recipient. They pick up their egift right from their phone, tablet or desktop. With a gift card, they can splurge at their favorite store that very day. If you’ve sent a Songfinch, they can enjoy their original song instantly. When your loved ones gets a Cameo, an icon or legend will deliver a message just for them on the spot. If you’ve captured their reaction, share it with us on social!

Make Their Day With the Best Digital Gifts

The best digital gifts offer something unique and different from what they’d expect in a physical gift. An awesome gift card attached to a thoughtful ecard not only enhances your thoughtful sentiment. For online gifts like Songfinch, Cameo and other services (coming soon!), the emphasis is on building memories and making novel connections. They can be enjoyed instantly, do not require a physical address and are experiences your loved ones can have on their own time. And whenever that is, they’ll be thinking of you!

Find Egifts for Every Birthday, Holiday & Special Occasion with American Greetings

Celebrate with virtual birthday gifts, a Mother’s Day egift, Valentine’s Day gift cards, a Songfich anniversary song or even a celebrity toast (or roast!) from Cameo. You’ll love the convenience of:

  • Visiting one online destination for cards and gifts
  • Browsing and sending everything in minutes
  • Saving time, money and the hassle of physical stores
  • Connecting more often with fresh and new gifting experiences