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Make your friends, family or partner smile with digital gift cards from their favorite stores and restaurants, or give a gift of experience, like a day at the spa or the movies. We’ve partnered with the biggest names in food, fashion and entertainment to bring you the most popular gift cards available online.

After you select your virtual gift card, you can then add a personalized ecard with your own message to the recipient.

Whether because of busy schedules, living miles apart or a matter of time and convenience, virtual gift cards offer a thoughtful alternative to physical gifts. When you text or send a gift card online, it lets them choose the perfect time to enjoy it. And whenever that is, they’ll be thinking of you!

Gift Cards
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Pair your gift card with the perfect greeting! We have hundreds of digital greeting cards for any occasion, holiday and reason.

Select your favorite ecard, write a personal message and then send it off to the lucky recipient. They will receive an email or text message with their digital card and eGift card inside. Whether they live across the country or close to home, you can send them a gift any time, from anywhere! It’s sure to make anyone happy, especially when they can enjoy their gift by shopping online or heading out to their favorite stores that very day.



Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic gift cards (i.e., eGift cards, virtual gift cards, digital gift cards) contain codes that are redeemable for a dollar amount at designated retailers. You can add an eGift card to any ecard — it will show up as a clickable link within your greeting. Gift receivers won’t have to worry about losing a physical gift card or forgetting to bring it along on a shopping trip. If they have access to their phone or the internet, then they can enjoy your eGift card!

Purchasing and sending a digital gift card is easy — just browse our list of popular retailers and choose the perfect card. Once you check out, we’ll insert a link into your ecard. You’ll also receive a confirmation email from us to let you know it arrived.

When your recipient opens their ecard and clicks on the link, the eGift card will be displayed. When shopping online, they will type out the eGift card number in the indicated field the vendor provides for gift card redemptions. The amount of the gift will be deducted from the total purchase.

US Customers: Please note that all gift cards can be used online and in-store.

If they decide to spend your eGift card in the store, they’ll need to provide the bar code or eGift card number and pin to the cashier. They could pull up the link on their phone, take a screen shot of the eGift card ahead of time or print it from home before shopping!

US Customers: Please note that all gift cards can be used online and in-store.

Do you have more questions about eGift Cards? Please visit our FAQ page here.