New Gift Options! Powered by Jifiti - We've made it even easier to send the perfect gift with more gift card options from brands you love. You can even choose a physical gift from popular retailers. No shipping address required!

It's so convenient, you don't even need to know their shipping address!

As a member, you can add a gift from any of our leading retailers and your recipient will receive it when they open their ecard. They'll even be able to add their own information before it's shipped, so you don't have to worry about knowing the right address or size!

It's so thoughtful, quick and easy!

  1. Choose any ecard After you add your personal message, choose the option to add a gift.
  2. Choose any gift or gift card Select any physical gift or gift card from a variety of top retailers.
  3. Send ecard & gift together When your recipient opens their ecard and redeems their gift, they'll enter their own shipping address and they can even exchange their gift for a gift card before it's shipped.
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Please visit our help center to learn more about sending a gift.