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When celebrating a big day or staying connected, you'll find cards that feel perfect for the occasion.

Birthday Ecards

Celebrate family and friends with the best birthday ecards ever!

Personalized SmashUps™

SmashUps™ are fun, personalized digital greetings that call out your friends and family by their first name.

Celebrity SmashUps™

Celebrity SmashUps™ are fun, amazingly customized greetings that call out your friends and family by name through the magic of video.

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For more than 100 years, American Greetings has helped the world become a more thoughtful and caring place. American Greetings has ecards, SmashUps™ and Creatacards you can email or print from home. All digital cards and Creatacards are customizable, including free and premium cards!

Don't wait — join American Greetings to print out all the Christmas cards you need to mail, schedule birthday ecards for all your friends and much, much, more! Members have unlimited access to premium greetings. We also have a limited number of free cards to try!

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