How to Speak Now

So I Was Thinking...

When it comes to speaking your mind,
I think it's best to do it,

That's what Speak Now is all about.
It's more than just my new album or tour,
it's how I want to exist in the world.
It's about speaking from the heart
and telling the people closest to you
just how amazing they are.

It's being open.
And honest.
And real.

That's why I love working
with American Greetings.
The cards we're making together
have been designed
with lots of love and glitter
and Speak Now-ness.

Each one is like a little story just waiting to be told.
So what are you waiting for?

Speak whenever.
Speak wherever.
Speak Now.

speak now with a Taylor postcard

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speak now with a Taylor postcard

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