Choose Your Congratulations Card Maker Template

Creatacard™ is a custom, congratulations card maker with fun ways to add photos, video and a message with your signature.

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Make Your Custom Congratulations Card

All it takes is three easy steps:

  1. 1. Choose a card from the congratulations card maker.
  2. 2. Personalize it with multiple photos and video, type a message and sign your name.
  3. 3. Send via email, text or social media or print to share it in person.

Send Digital or Printable Congratulations Cards

Enjoy the timeless tradition of signing and sending your cards with seamless delivery to whomever, whenever and wherever they are. Postage optional! Creatacard™ lets you email, text or share your congratulations greeting card via social media or messaging app — from any computer, phone or tablet.

If you prefer to mail or share your congrats in person, Creatacard™ also offers the fun and convenience of printing your cards from home! Choose the congratulations cards printable option and we’ll guide you through the printing process in no time.

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