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Opening a thank you card is sort of like receiving a heartfelt hug, but through words and imagery. Think about all those times someone’s kindness — like volunteering, donating to a cause, offering you hospitality or even giving you a chance with a job interview — truly made a difference in your day.

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A thank you card for a teacher is a wonderful gesture for Teacher Appreciation Day, the last day of school, or any time during the year when it's important to express how amazing they truly are!

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SmashUps™ are fun, personalized video greetings that let you include their real name in thank you wishes performed by their favorite celebrities, singing characters, talking animals and more!

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Depending on the person and situation, a lighthearted or funny thank you card could be the perfect touch for the occasion!

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We also offer virtual thank you gifts, including gift cards, cash gifts and experiential gifts that your recipient can enjoy at their convenience.

What to Write in a Thank You Card

What to Write in a Thank You Card

If you need a little help crafting your thank you card messages, explore our tips and inspiration page. Or consider leveraging AI to guide you in personalizing your card with ease.

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What to Write in a Teacher Thank You Card

When it comes to excellence in education, we offer tailored advice on what to write in a thank you card for a teacher in your life.