What to Write in a Thank You Card

Thank You Messages on greeting cards

First may we just say, “Thank you for reading this piece about thank you note wording! We mean it. Thanks!”

See what we did there? It’s really that easy to write a simple thank you. And if you’re wondering just where to begin with writing thank you wishes in a greeting card, you’ve come to the right place. Consider us your own personal writing assistant, and this your own personal gratitude guide.

A thank you message that is personal, specific and genuine makes all the difference in the world, especially because it’s written by you! And adding a thoughtful thank you phrase into a thank you card will let your recipient know they’re so worth the effort!

Okay, let’s get grateful!

“Just wanted to say thank you” note

There are a number of people in your life right now whether at school, work, or in your family, who deserve to be thanked. They may have done something for you, or simply deserve to know that someone notices the way they’re always kind or the impact they have on others.

  • The world needs more kind and compassionate people like you.
  • Just a little note to say “thank you” for your positivity.
  • Thank you — two words that seem almost too small because what you did was so huge!
  • Just seeing your happy face puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day!
  • I’m so grateful for people like you who go out of their way to make the world better.
  • Hope kindness comes back to you the way you always give it to others.
  • I’m humbled by your generosity.
  • When it comes to you, I’ve definitely got an attitude of gratitude.
  • I’m so moved by your kindness.
  • Thanks from the bottom of my heart; you’re just really an amazing person.

Thank you note for the gift

Regardless of the size, shape, style, or expense of a gift, a shout-out to the gift giver is the best way of saying, “Hey, you know that thing you bought me? I got it, and I love it!” Also describing that thing, even how you’re going to use it, helps the recipient know that the gift is not only received, but also appreciated.

  • Thank you so much for the amazing [juice maker] — can’t wait to give it a try!
  • I so appreciate your supporting me in my [new healthy lifestyle] — what a thoughtful idea!
  • Thanks so much for the [gift] — it means so much more than you know!
  • Every time I use the [gift] you gave me, I’ll think of you!
  • Beyond the fabulous gift you gave, I’m so thankful for YOU.
  • You know me so well — it’s perfect!
  • I’m truly and honestly humbled by your generosity.
  • I can’t thank you enough for the [gift] you gave me — it’s thoughtful AND super-useful!
  • Thanks for taking the time to think of me in such a perfect way.
  • You’re always so in tune to what makes people smile. Thank you!

Thank you for the money

Sometimes the best gift to receive is the kind that’s universal. Saying thanks for money can be tricky, so it’s best to talk less about the word “cash” or the amount and more about what you’re planning to do with the unexpected windfall.

  • Thanks so much for your thoughtful gift. When we use it we’ll be thinking of you!
  • What a nice surprise to find inside a card! You are so generous, as always.
  • So grateful for you — you always seem to know exactly what I need!
  • I very much appreciate the check you sent — it will help me [buy school supplies, etc.].
  • This will really come in handy when I’m [craving a study snack, buying a house, etc.].
  • Your generous gift of cash is really appreciated, thank you!
  • Can’t tell you how much this will help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Your gift was so sweet — I don’t know what to say except thank you!
  • Thank you for the [birthday, graduation] gift — I plan to save up for a brand new [computer].
  • This will help me get so much closer to my goal of [buying a new computer] — thank you!

Thank you for the act of kindness

This thank you message is for thoughtfulness someone has done for or shown to you. Examples may include helping you out in a pinch, being there for you, or just thinking of you for no reason at all. Thanking that person is a way of completing the cycle of kindness.

  • What a lovely surprise, thank you!
  • Hope all good karma comes back to you for the lovely way you made my day.
  • You’re the kind of neighbor other neighbors hope they’ll always have.
  • The world would be amazing if everyone were like you.
  • You’re the true definition of awesome — thank you!
  • You’re the real deal as a human being.
  • You just one-upped every other amazing person in the world.
  • Sometimes we lose sight that the world is full of wonderful people like you.
  • Can’t thank you enough for the sweetness you added to my day.
  • I sometimes forget how thoughtful people can be until you did what you did.

Thank you for the support or help

There are all kinds of people who selflessly rise to the occasion when someone’s in need, and they deserve big-time thanks. Remember to make sure to describe and compliment the one-of-a-kind person they are, and how much their help was needed.

  • Without your time, effort, and hard work our [fundraiser, event] would not have been the tremendous success it was.
  • Just knowing you’ve got my back makes everything seem doable.
  • Couldn’t have done any of it without you!
  • With you on the assist it seems like anything is possible, thank you!
  • I’m so lucky to partner with such wonderful people like you.
  • Your support means the world to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Women like you make the world a better place.
  • I’m always encouraged by your support and partnership — it means so much!
  • You’re so dependable and thoughtful, thank you!
  • Your help was the reason we were able to achieve so much.

Thank you for the hospitality

Did they provide you with a bed, a roof over your head, dinner, endless hot water, clean towels? Don’t forget about the smiles, laughs, and conversations you shared. Add to these your own personal highlights from your time together, and you’re sure to be invited back!

  • Dinner was delish but spending time with you was the absolute best!
  • You just raised the bar as perfect hosts!   
  • Opening up your home to us was more appreciated than you know.
  • We felt like we stayed at a 5-star hotel, everything was awesome — thank you!
  • So grateful to have friends like you to make us feel so at home.
  • We’re still talking about the great time we had at your place, thank you again!
  • Looking forward to being able to reciprocate the favor.
  • It was fun spending time with you in your own place.
  • Now it’s your turn to stay with us!
  • I only wish we always could find the level of hospitality you showed us during our stay.

Thank you for pet-sitting

Anyone you trust enough to take care of the pet you love so much is absolutely important enough to receive a thank you card. Let them know how much you appreciate being worry-free about your furry or scaly friend. What about writing from the pet’s POV? How super-cute would that be?

  • It’s always hard to leave Roxy, but it helped to know she was in such great hands with you!
  • Bow-wow, wow-wow — my mom would also like to say thanks, too!
  • You’re like — my mom away from my mom, woof! Thanks! Love, Roxy
  • If I could talk I’d say thank you for taking such good care of me but instead I’ll [meow].
  • Thanks for taking such good care of Roxy; she was in such good hands.
  • Roxy seems so much happier since she was hanging out with you!
  • It means the world to me that you treated my little lady with such sweetness.
  • I think Roxy was telling us she misses you — and hopes to see you soon!
  • You’re a “pawsitively” awesome pet sitter (hee-hee)!
  • Next time we know exactly who to call — thanks so much!

Thank you messages for friends

Pour your heart into a little note, make a list of the ways that friend is there for you, add a bunch of way-back-when memories, and your friend’s sure to feel the love.

  • Couldn’t think of any other person I’d rather be besties with.
  • Remember when you [insert crazy thing they did for you] — thanks for always being my go-to gal, and here’s to whatever adventure lies ahead in our crazy fun lives!
  • Best friends just get each other — you get me every time!
  • Who needs wine with friends like you on the assist? (Well both of us, but still...)
  • Who else in this world could tolerate me? I’m always so thankful for you!
  • I’m your super fan.
  • There have been so many times I’ve thought how lucky I am to have you as my BFF.
  • Friends like you are rare, for realsies.
  • If only everyone else in my life was as amazing as you!
  • You’re a wonderful friend in so many ways [list all the ways!]

Thank you for teachers and coaches

Teachers and coaches constantly give of their time, their wisdom, enthusiasm, and patience. Add a thoughtful note in your thank you card that lets them know you notice how hard they’re working.

  • Not everyone gets to be coached by such an amazing person.
  • I feel like I’ve learned so much from you; thank you!
  • People like you lead with such strength, and we are so lucky to share your path!
  • Thank you for investing your time in me.
  • We don’t always get to pick our coaches, but if so I’d pick you every time.
  • Thank you for teaching me all the tricks of the trade.
  • Learning under your guidance was so easy because you make everything seem so simple.
  • The impact you have made on my life has been so great. Thanks for everything you’ve given.
  • You may not realize how much working with you has made me feel like I can do anything.
  • Encouragement, leadership, insight — just a few things you’ve given that I’m grateful for

Thank you for the work or business

Sending a partner, client, vendor or loyal customer a thank you note for their business builds upon a good relationship and turns it into a great one.

  • Many thanks for the incredible opportunity to work with such great people [or on such a rewarding project].
  • From all of us here at [Fiocca Bakery], we wish to express our deepest gratitude for your continued business.
  • Making customers like you happy is the icing on the cake [or other industry pun]!
  • I think of our partnership as one of the reasons we are so successful, thank you!
  • Look forward to so many successes in the future with you!
  • I truly value doing business with you and hope to do more — we make a great team!
  • Not every business gets to serve such awesome clients [vendors, customers].
  • You are the very reason why we remain successful.
  • I’m so proud to serve the best customers in the world!
  • Many thanks for the assistance you provide my business.

Thank you for the interview

A thank you note for an interview should be mailed no later than two days after the interview, and it does only two things. It puts your name again in front of the person you interviewed with in a different, positive way. And it shows what good manners you have! Be brief, thanking the interviewer for their time, add a line about how interested you are in the position, and leave contact information in case they want to offer you the job!

  • Thank you very much for speaking with me about your editorial opening at ABC Publishing Company. I really enjoyed learning about the opportunity, and appreciate being considered for the position. I would love to join your team! Please feel free to contact me anytime at [insert contact info]. Thanks again!

Regardless of how you share your gratitude, be authentic, be you, and your attitude of gratitude will almost certainly be contagious.


In addition to writing/editing for American Greetings, Jill Jankowski is also a content editor, greeting card writer, blogger, leadership and life coach, producer, world traveler and standup paddleboard business owner. She loves her dogs more than anything in the world.


 In addition to writing/editing for American Greetings, Maria is also an award-winning cookbook author and mother of five incredible adult children. She lives in Cleveland with her husband, Joe, and together, they spend all their free time cooking up a storm and spoiling their growing brood of grandkids!


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