What To Write: Father’s Day Messages For Father-in-Law

Father-in-laws are pretty important guys. After all, this is the man who raised the awesome person you’re married to. That’s why he definitely deserves tons love and appreciation on his big day.

It can be hard to think of exactly what to say to a guy who looms so large in the family. But no matter what kind of man he may be, we’ve got tons of ideas for the kind of Father’s Day wishes your father-in-law would love to receive.

Warm & Fuzzy Guy

If you two have always been super close, you’re going to want to express some of that love and affection as you say Happy Father’s Day to your father-in-law.

  • You really care about me and my life.
  • You’re like a dad to me.
  • You’re my father-in-law and my friend.
  • Thanks for always helping out and being there.
  • Your love means so much to me.

Head of the Family

Maybe your father-in-law is the classic dad figure. He’s always been there for his family, filling the house with his caring presence. What better day than Father’s Day to send a message of thanks.

  • You’ve always been devoted to your family.
  • You set such a loving example for everyone.
  • Thanks for leading with strength, wisdom, and love.
  • You’ve raised a great family—I’m lucky to be part of it.
  • You’ve always made me feel welcome in your home.

Father-in-Law & Grandpa

If he also happens to be a grandpa, too, you could add in some Father’s Day messages for your father-in-law from the grandkids, too.

  • You’ve always been an amazing father-in-law, now you’re a wonderful grandpa, too.
  • Thanks for always being there for my family.
  • You make our times together so much fun!
  • Our kids are so lucky to have you for a grandpa.
  • You always share your wisdom, time, advice, and love—thank you!

Warm Wishes for Father’s Day

Maybe you just want a simple way to say Happy Father’s Day to your father-in-law? It’s as easy as mentioning something fun he likes to do or wishing him an all-around great day.

  • Happy Father’s Day from your biggest fan!
  • Relax and enjoy today—you earned it!
  • Being a dad is the world’s most important job—you do it well!
  • Hope you spend today doing everything you love most.
  • It’s your day—do things your way!


Lisa Galek has been a greeting card writer for 15 years and a wife and mom for almost as long. Her father-in-law, Don, passed away a few years ago, but she took great pride in picking out the perfect Father’s Day card for him every single year.

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