What to Write: First Father's Day Card

There’s nothing like the first time a new dad holds his baby in his arms. The look of love and absolute devotion is pretty intense. You just know this guy will do anything for his sweet little bundle of joy.

Maybe that’s why celebrating his first Father’s Day with a special card feels so important. This is the perfect time to honor the new dad for everything he’s done to make that adorable little baby’s first year extra happy.

Of course, there’s no need to stress about what to write in a first Father’s Day card. We’ve got you covered no matter which amazing guy you’re celebrating this Father’s Day.

First Father's Day For Your Husband

If it’s your husband’s big day, you’re gonna want to include some serious love and gratitude in your card for a happy first Father’s Day.

  • It’s so amazing to see the man I fell in love with as a dad.
  • So happy I get to share this joy with you.
  • We’re a family now—and that’s incredible.
  • Couldn’t ask for a more amazing man to share my life with.
  • You’re such a playful, hands-on dad.
  • Our life may be a little crazy right now, but I’m so glad we have each other.

First Father's Day From Baby

Maybe you’re looking for some creative ideas for first Father’s Day messages from your little one? Sure, your infant can’t write, but if she could, what might she say to her beloved daddy?

  • I know I’m little, but I also know I have the best dad ever.
  • You set such a good example for me, Daddy.
  • I love it when we read or play games. Being with you is so much fun!
  • Thank you for all the cuddles and smiles and love!
  • I’m glad I’m your baby and you’re my daddy.

First Father's Day For Your Son

Your little boy is all grown up and having kids of his own! Naturally, you want to recognize him on his big day.

  • It’s hard to believe you have a family of your own now.
  • You and your baby have so much to look forward to.
  • Celebrating your first Father’s Day makes me feel so proud and lucky.
  • It’s such a joy to see my son as a father.
  • You’ve always been a wonderful son. Of course you’ve became an amazing dad, too.

First Father's Day For A Special Guy

Whether you’re honoring a brother, a nephew, or a friend, today is pretty special. Here are some first Father’s Day messages to celebrate him.

  • You must be one proud papa.
  • Seeing you as a dad brings out a whole new side of you.
  • Your baby is off to a great start with a wonderful dad like you.
  • Hope your day and your heart are full of love.
  • Your baby is little but you share a big love.

His first Father’s Day will be even more special because of people like you who he cares about, sharing in it with him. Let’s hear it for the new dad!

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