Bootcamp Graduation Gift Ideas

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Boot camp is no joke. It’s mentally and physically grueling, and finishing it is a really big deal. It’s important to let the service people in our lives know how incredible and valued they are. Seriously, they kick So. Much. Butt. So let’s find the perfect gift to tell them this!

If you’re wondering what kind of gift to give to celebrate a military basic training graduation — whether it’s a Navy boot camp graduation, a Marine boot camp graduation, an Army boot camp graduation, an Air Force boot camp graduation, or a Coast Guard boot camp graduation — we’re here to help you! We have all kinds of thoughtful boot camp graduation gifts in our arsenal that are sure to make the marine, soldier, airman, or sailor in your life feel as awesome as they are.

A-little-piece-of-home Gifts

They’ve been away from home for what probably feels like a million years, and man, it’s gotta feel great to be back. What better way to welcome them home than with a little tour of their own town? This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it really is a priceless gift — one that’s sure to be all up on their Instagram. Lead them on an afternoon adventure that, for example, starts with a hike through the park and ends with dinner at a local hotspot, and includes a couple stops at their favorite places in between.

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Gifts From The Group

Undoubtedly, a whole bunch of people are going to want to celebrate the recent boot camp grad, so why not team up and give them one big, awesome gift? Our favorite group gift idea is a “basket full of home.” The idea is that each person in the group contributes something hometown-related to the basket that the boot camp grad probably missed while they were gone — like a gift card to the local ice cream shop, tickets to a sporting event, a book from the bookstore down the street, a bracelet from a little boutique; you get the idea. Fun, right?! Totally memorable, too.

Another great group gift is a food train; take turns dropping off a meal because who even knows what the boot camp grad had to eat while they were away. We’re guessing it wasn’t exactly delicious, and they’re probably starving for some real food. Cooking isn’t a requirement; takeout is perfectly acceptable!

DIY Gifts

Anyone can drive to the store with the red bulls-eye logo and grab a gift; there’s sooo much more to be said about a creative, one-of-a-kind present made by you. It doesn’t have to be a crazy-challenging Pinterest thing, so don’t just skip this part.

Like we’ve already mentioned, the boot camp grad hasn’t had a home-cooked meal in awhile, so how about whipping up a nice dinner or even just a batch of chocolate chip cookies for them? Tie a bow around it and voilà! You just made their day a whole lot brighter (and yummier).

If cooking isn’t your thing, maybe consider putting together a spa in a jar to help them de-stress. Simply fill a large mason jar with pamper-y items like lotion, a nail file, nail polish, a foot scrub, bath salts, a face mask, and a couple of fancy chocolates, then put a cute label on the lid, and boom! They have a home spa-day ready for them to use whenever they feel like it.

Okay, if you wanna win the cutest-DIY-gift-ever award, make a modern-day mixtape: create a playlist of songs that’ll make them feel all the feels and relax (which they literally had no time to do while they were in basic training) — then put it all on a USB drive. Toss it in a cute gift bag, then do a happy dance because that’s one dang sweet gift you’re about to give.

Booze Gifts

Because booze. They haven’t touched alcohol in months, so they’d probably love a nice (or even mediocre) bottle of wine or a six-pack of specialty beer. Consider a fun drinking-related gift to go along with the drink, like coasters or a wine glass.

Last-minute (but Still Mega-thoughtful!) Gifts

Yes, we’re suggesting a gift card here, but no, it’s not phoning it in, we promise! If you make sure your gift card is to somewhere meaningful — like the boot camp grad’s favorite restaurant that they were far, far away from for months — it’s a great gift! Put it in a sweet gift card holder for even more awesomeness.

Last but absolutely, 100% not least, pick out a great card and add a personal message for the recent boot camp grad. Tell them how proud you are of them, how valued they are, and how lucky our amazing country is to have them.

With all these fun and thoughtful boot camp graduation gift ideas, you’re sure to make a very-deserving service person feel really celebrated.

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