Graduation Gift Ideas for Lawyers

Graduating from law school or passing the bar exam are more than just important milestones — they also mark the end of one of the most stressful periods in a young lawyer’s life. If someone you know is about to be a newly-minted legal eagle, congratulating them with a thoughtful gift is a fantastic way to acknowledge their big achievement. From practical business items to humorous goodies, there are plenty of meaningful ways to say congrats.

Business Card Case

New lawyers are likely networking a lot, which means that handing out business cards is a must. Give them a monogrammed business card case to help them look professional. Every time they reach to give one to a new acquaintance, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

Take a Fun Class Together

Your lawyer friend likely needs to de-stress after all that studying. Plus, they finally have time to hang out with you after months squirreled away with their books. Sign up for a one-time class that you will both enjoy, whether it’s yoga in the park or “watercolors and wine” at the local art shop.

Meaningful Office Decor

If they’re lucky enough to land a job where they get an office, then help them brighten their new space with a framed painting or picture that means something to them. For example, use a photo of the city where they grew up or went to school. Consider an inspiring quote from someone they admire or a high-quality photo of their closest family and friends.

Gift of Laughter

Sometimes the best gifts for lawyers passing the bar involve a few laughs, especially after the stressful exam is over. Choose something that emphasizes the funny side of lawyering, such as a coffee mug inscribed with a bad lawyer joke, a casserole dish imprinted with the words “you’ve been served,” or any funny law movie, such as “My Cousin Vinny” or “Liar, Liar.”

Monogrammed Cufflinks

As they step out into their new career, they need clothing that reflects their profession. When it comes to looking polished, you can’t beat a nice pair of monogrammed cufflinks. Give them a monogrammed pair that will match nicely with most any business attire.

Meal Subscription Gift Card

Your newly-minted lawyer friend may have graduated, but that doesn’t mean they’re on easy street. Lighten their load by giving them a gift card for a meal subscription service like Blue Apron or Plated. These services provide all the ingredients to make a gourmet meal at home and are doable for anyone who can read directions.

Professional Diploma Frame

Once your lawyer gets a new office, they’ll want to show off their credentials. A diploma frame recognizes the investment and achievement of a law school degree. Place the frame in a gift box and top it with a big gift bow to jazz up the presentation.

New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

Published in 1993, this classic book contains some of the best lawyer cartoons from The New Yorker. It makes a great coffee table book and conversation piece. Make sure to write a personal message on the inside cover to show your lawyer friend that you really are proud of them for all their hard work.

Audiobook Subscription

Lawyers are knee-deep in documents, court opinions, and pleadings, and many simply don’t have the time for pleasure reading, so giving them a subscription to an audiobook service like Audible will give their commute or gym workout the opportunity to catch up on those books they never get around to reading.

Personalized Stationery

Yes, technology rules the roost, but lawyers still need to handwrite things. Give them some nice personalized stationery so they can jot down notes, lists, or memos and they’ll think of you every time they reach for their notepad. Graduation gift ideas for lawyers don’t have to be extravagant, but you can go one step further and add a monogrammed padfolio to keep the stationery — and other papers — nice and neat when they’re on the go.

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